Which Ex-Love & Hip Hop Star Does Tahiry Miss The Most?

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Before the new season of Love & Hip Hop began, we wanted to know which cast member you’d miss the most, and the overwhelming response was Olivia. And after speaking with Tahiry, she agrees with the fans.

“I miss Olivia a lot. We didn’t tape much together but behind the scenes, Olivia and I were always in contact and checked up on each other and I miss her dearly. I wish she returned,” she told us recently. “Between Joey and I and Olivia, we had great chemistry behind the scenes so that was pretty cool.” You can see the chemistry at work in this super glam photo shoot in XXL last winter.

As for the biggest change: this season? She tells us “K.Michelle coming to New York. You know, she came from Atlanta, now she’s in New York, we’ll see how she handles the Big Apple. I’m [also] really excited that this season is geared a lot more toward relationships. This season we have a lot more relationship situations and drama and stuff going on.” As for her relationship with Joe Budden, she explains “We have our own issues and our own little show in itself, on and off-camera. No matter if we’re together or not, we still have the same great chemistry so I just can’t wait to see this season. I’m excited to see what’s happening in other people’s lives.”

[Photos: XXL]