You’ll Never Guess Who Was Lying In Joe Budden’s Bed

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This week on Love & Hip Hop, Tahiry flipped out on Joe Budden when she discovered an errant strand of hair and some makeup-covered pillowcases on Joe’s bed. Here at the VH1 Blog, we decided to play detective to see if we could figure out who it was that could have been stealing Joe’s attention and shedding all over the place, and guys, we totally cracked the case. It was Joe’s one TRUE love. His best friend. His dog, Brooklyn.

Joe Budden is a dog person. He admits it on his Instagram and he displays it with constant photos of his two enormous mastiffs. So, okay, we were joking about the fact that we discovered who the hair in question belongs to, but one thing really is for sure: Tahiry has some real competition for Joe’s heart. Check out some of the sweetest photos of Joe with the ones who genuinely have his heart.

[Photos: Instagram]