Love & Hip Hop Episode 4 Recap: Messy To The 10th Power

“So I knew Peter was a scumbag for cheating on me again,” Tara says after her brawl with Amina. “But then Amina dropping that ID just brought everything to a while new level.” (“She ain’t seen my tattoo yet!” Amina says.)

After Tara and Amina are separated and go their separate ways, Rich calls Peter to tell him what happened. When Rich says Tara swung on Amina, sweet, stupid Peter asks “What’d she do that for?” Is he delusional? What’s wrong with this guy?

“If Peter even thinks there is a tiny glimmer of hope for us, he is so sadly mistaken,” Tara says. “Go back to your wife, let her deal with that bulls—, because I am done.”

Saigon has been waiting until his birthday to open up the results of his DNA test to find out if Little B is really his son. We see all of his friends and family gathered at his pool and for a second I actually thought he was planning to open the test results in front of everyone and go full Maury on this crowd, but luckily, he pulls Erica aside to do it with her privately.

Saigon’s smile proves what all of us knew all along — that the child is his and the whole notion that he might not be was just a set-up by Peter Gunz to cause trouble.

“I’ve got a son, motherf—ers!” Saigon says. And in a twist Brandy and Monica never saw coming, he yells “The boy is MINE!”

But really, people, was there ever any doubt that the boy was his? The next step is the same as it was in episode one — trying to figure out how they can have a family, and if they belong together. They agree to date and take things slowly to see where they land.

If there’s anything to take away from this episode, it’s that Tara is done with Peter. When he arrives home the morning after her fight with Amina (nope, he didn’t even bother going home to explain himself or the marriage that night), he sees all of his belongings tossed out on the sidewalk.

“I still can’t fully comprehend that Peter is married,” Tara says.

Peter explains, just barely, why he ended up marrying Amina, saying that when he realized they had such strong feelings for each other, Amina started pressuring him to prove his love, so he married her. He regrets hurting Tara, saying “I was trying to tell her slowly, but now it’s just a mess.” Slowly=never.

“Go home to your wife,” Tara tells him as she kicks him out.

“I am home with my wife,” says the man who totally can’t read a situation.
Yandy might have heard from Rich that Amina and Peter were messing around, but she did NOT know they were married.

Yandy is so annoyed that Rich left out that detail — she likes to be informed! Rich mentions that Amina hasn’t even revealed her tattoo yet and Yandy just can’t. “[That’s] her only ace in the hole.”

One thing is certain after all this went down, Yandy is not signing Amina or this messiness to her label.
Erica is still trying to win Cyn’s love completely, so she’s set up a romantic day at the beach complete with Cyn’s favorite thing ever: Chipotle.

“I f—ing love this!” Cyn says as she toasts to her woman with a burrito bowl.

This Chipotle obsession is probably my favorite thing about the show this season, as is this relationship. Cyn has mellowed Erica out — as much as Erica Mena can be mellowed, I guess.

Erica starts telling Cyn about her idea to collaborate with Rich again and Cyn tells her “You’re f—ing crazy.” Erica tells Cyn she has another business endeavor that she wants Cyn involved in, and that’s her sex book. Erica needs models for the book, and Cyn has the right amount of sexy. “I’ll do it on one condition,” Cyn tells her. “More Chipotle!”

Tahiry’s been keeping her distance from Joe ever since she found all that hair and makeup in his bed, but she agreed to meet with a therapist one last time at Joe’s house to discuss some things.

Tahiry tells the therapist about the woman lying in her bed, and the therapist asks Joe if he can see where maybe that would be problematic. “If you’re dealing with Tahiry, I could see that,” Joe says. Do ANY of the men on this show take responsibility for their own actions?

Joe then says that if a man were to lie on their bed with Tahiry, he’d be fine with it. “Joey is such a f—ing a–hole,” Tahiry says. “He wants to sit around and pretend and talk that ’I would never be pissed off if you had a man in your bed,’ when we all know it’s a lie.”

Joe looks pained to be in this conversation.

Tahiry gets real and tells Joe how hurt this situation made her. “To you it ain’t s—, but to me it broke me f—ing to pieces,” she says and she leaves him.
So Peter’s been tossed out by Tara and goes to his other home with Amina, who he also hasn’t seen since the fight. (So where the f— did he spend his night???)

Amina got punched, if you recall, so the first thing out of her mouth is “What kind of evil bitch did you have babies with?”

“She was talking to me like I was some side ho. She needed to know the truth,” Amina says, defending herself for throwing down the ID. Peter tells her that he kind of thinks Tara was justified for being so angry because she doesn’t know who Amina really is, aside from her competition. “I guess Peter forgot that he’s been telling me for almost a year that him and Tara are over. I didn’t break up no family.”

“It’s Peter who made this whole mess, not me.”

“You want out?” Peter asks a frustrated Amina, who he has just told to put herself on the back burner. He then tells her he’s all in since he already lost Tara. “She’s gone. I lost that. I’m not losing you. I love you.”

“I love you more,” Amina tells him.

Tahiry is feeling truly distraught over her breakup, so she goes to see Rashidah for support. Rashidah is shocked to learn of the breakup. “I thought I would have a happy ending,” Tahiry cries.

Rah invites Tahiry to a party she’s throwing to get her mind off things and Tahiry agrees to go. Before she leaves, she hugs her friend and tells her “I hate men.”

Erica and Cyn are shooting their sex book photos with craft services provided by Chipotle, and Rich arrives to oversee things. “I gotta admit, this girl on girl action got me turned up. Daddy likey,” he says and now my ears can never unhear that.

When he sees the two women for the first time, he asks them to kiss. “I’m not here to entertain you, Rich Dollaz,” Cyn tells him.

“I guess a menage a trois is out of the question, but you can’t blame a brother for trying,” he says.

Cyn and Rich banter but she gets serious when she tells him she doesn’t think Rich and Erica should work together again. Rich gets defensive and tells Erica he’s taking himself out of the equation. Erica isn’t thrilled that he’s just walking away from her, but Cyn is happy about the arrangement. “I cannot believe you were dealing with that,” she says as Rich leaves.

Peter, Saigon and Rich hit the gym and Peter reveals to an uninformed Saigon that he and Amina are actually married. Saigon’s mind is blown, but he tells Peter that he’s team Tara because he believes children should grow up with both of their parents around.

“You gotta fix this shit, bro,” he tells Peter. “Get a divorce, whatever.”

At Rashidah’s party Erica and Cyn are also on the guest list and when Rah meets them, the first thing she tells them is that they look like twins, which is kind of hilarious.

“I don’t mind,” Erica says. “It’s like I’m with myself.”

Erica and Cyn start to mingle with Tahiry at the party, and then Nya walks in.

In the course of three seconds, we learn that Nya and Erica seem kind of cool about their big fight and have kept things moving, but Nya mentions Joe Budden and tells a curious Tahiry that she’s “the only friend that probably didn’t f— that n—a.”

Rashidah knows her party is about to get real interesting. Tahiry is pissed that Nya’s putting Joe on blast in public, and she also makes some seriously disparaging comments about how all Spanish girls sleep with each other’s men. “Who does she think she is?” Tahiry asks.

Tahiry, Erica and Cyn walk away, and Nya seems to feel bad. “What started off as a joke just went left,” she says. “I don’t want any bad blood with Tahiry.” She finds Tahiry and apologizes and they hug it out.

Erica is torn over working with Rich. Cyn definitely thinks it’s a bad idea, but Erica can’t resist the idea of more checks coming in. She goes to see Rich at the office and Rich agrees that they make beautiful money together when the put their minds to it. Only trouble is that Erica never signed a contract with him last year, and that’s got to be part of the deal this time around. Erica’s prepared, she pulls a signed contract out of her bag and hands it over.

“I just hope my momma don’t give me a hard time when she find out I’m back working with this chick,” Rich says.
Remember how I said it’s clear Tara was DONE with Peter? Well. After seeing in Instagram video of Amina and Peter together, she legit snaps and starts to destroy all of Peter’s remaining belongings that were left in her apartment. She is now beyond done.

[Insert montage of destruction here.]

She sends photos of the destroyed piles of clothes and musical instruments to Peter and he comes to see it and tells her that this is why he left. This is the behavior that pushed him into the arms of another woman. Tara tells Peter she’s hurt. Hurt that he gave another woman the best of him. It’s sad and emotional, but Peter still clings to the defense that their relationship was far from perfect and it was coming to an end.

“You just don’t really wanna man up and own up to the fact that you f—ed the relationship up and you are not willing to do what it takes to fix it,” she tells him. Tara throws him out for real, telling him he’s to come get everything in the house that belongs to him, and that she doesn’t want to see him for a while. “Fair enough,” Peter agrees. “I love you,” he tells her. He walks out. She rolls her eyes. And somewhere, Cyn Santana eats a fajita burrito with corn salsa and takes this all in.