Throwback Thursday: Audrina And Other Hills Cast Members’ Most Outrageous Family Members

It’s Throwback Thursday and we are enjoying another VH1 classic that you may (or may not) have forgotten about: Audrina! The series followed The Hills alum around as she focused on her life after MTV. The show also expanded Audrina’s world, introducing fans to her family, which included Momma Lynn and her quiet husband Mark, Audrina’s siblings, Casey, Marky and Samantha. Though, the spotlight belonged almost entirely to Lynn, who dominated the show’s only season with her drunken tirades and histrionic ramblings. However, Audrina wasn’t the only Hills cast member with an outrageous family member. Over the course of six seasons, fans met some other interesting personalities.

Linda Thompson
Family connection: Bruce Jenner’s mother

She made a brief appearance on The Hills when she bumped into her son a restaurant. Hardly worth making it on the list, right?! Well the person she had in tow with her was Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills star, Taylor Armstrong, who was the craziest among the bunch of housewives. Having Armstrong as your bestie is a red flag.

Casey Loza
Family connection: Audrina Patridge’s older sister

Casey was first introduced to Hills fans when she helped her younger sister look for a new house after she moved out of LC’s pool house. Casey’s tattoos were enough to shock many but it was all her bickering with mother Lynn on Audrina’s show that found her on this list. She was never a happy camper. Or at least, not all that often.

Holly Montag
Family connection: Heidi Montag’s older sister

Holly joined The Hills for the last seasons, with a growing role built around her sparring with Spencer Pratt. At first, Holly seemed like the sane Montag — an extension of her mother Darlene — but as the series went on, her drama ramped up. Then there were all the reports of partying and getting out of control. And when Spencer thinks you’re going at it too hard, you know you are in trouble.

Kris Jenner
Family connection: Bruce Jenner’s stepmother 

Thankfully Kris never appeared on The Hills but then again, she’s been terrorizing fans on the E Network for years. From Keeping Up With The Kardashians to her failed talk show, fans have seen just how far Jenner will go to stay in the spotlight and pinch every penny she can out of the media circus her and her clan of kids have created. But nothing tops her music video for “I Love My Friends.”

Stephanie Pratt
Family connection: Spencer Pratt’s younger sister

When it became clear that LC and Heidi weren’t going to ever resolve their issues, producers knew it was time to bring in reinforcements. Stephanie first appeared as a supportive unit for the increasingly distant Speidi couple. But as the show went on, Stephanie switched sides, joining LC’s crew. But she didn’t so without her own drama or wackness. She dated LC’s ex (on camera) and tried to deny it, swung by rehab and told Kelly Cutrone her dream job is designing handbags. And then she said this: “First he was a hamster, now he’s a guinea pig.”

Lynn Patridge
Family connection: Audrina Patridge’s mother

For one season, fans were terrorized or entertained by one Momma Lynn, the patriarch of the Patridge family. From the moment she first appeared on screen, we never really knew what she was doing or what she was actually saying. And then there was the fighting, the drinking, the shooting of guns, the fighting for a sponsorship with Bremenns skincare and the making out with Donald Trump (all on camera).

Want more of Lynne Patridge?! No problem. You can now watch the entire series for free on the VH1 app. Previously in our ongoing Throwback Thursday series: The 10 Biggest Tools From Tool Academy

[Photos: VH1, MTV, E!]