Love & Hip Hop Sneak Peek: Tara Don’t Play No Games

In this week’s sneak peek from Monday night’s Love & Hip Hop, Tara has thrown Peter out of the house after learning he’s married to Amina, and Peter need to blog off steam with Rich and Saigon.

The three men meet at the gym to work off that stress, and after Peter tells them that Tara threw all of his belongings on the curb, Rich comments “Man, Tara don’t play no games.” No, she does not. “She ain’t wasting no time getting his ass up outta there.”

Funny thing is, Peter is still getting around to telling people he’s married to Amina, so when Saigon looks confused about the situation and Peter tells him he’s married to Amina, basically his brain explodes. “You’re married married?” he asks. “Your wife know you’re married to your wife?” Saigon has never seen anything like this, and neither have we. Find out what’s next for Peter this Monday at 8PM ET/PT on Love & Hip Hop.