The 5 Most Important Moments From Miami Monkey: Episode 11

This is the end, my friends. The NYC ladies are wrapping up their time at the Miami Monkey, but their exit is not without a little drama, skin and screaming. That’s how they do! Here are your final five must-see moments from the Monkey ladies. May their futures shine brighter than Morgan’s missing $7000 ring (may it rest in peace).

1. Skin Party! Ang finally gets the event of her dreams, with a skimpy string bikini fashionshow. The highlight, of course, is not the scantily clad women onstage, but Nate and Ryan’s reactions to their frenemies busting a move while wearing next to nothing.

2. Morgan Must Go. After she skips the bikini fashion show, Raquel makes the hardest decision of her lifetime those five minutes: Morgan is getting fired. Finally. Let the ax drop.

3. Nate Ryan acts like he’s not into Cristina, hooks up with Cristina. The friends with bennies hang out at the pool and guzzle cocktails, and sure enough their clothes come off and they’re groping each other in the water faster than you can say, “Hey gurl, remember when he blew you off for that model?” Nate tries to pass the hook up off on Cristina being assertive (*one last eye roll*), but Morgan seems fine with the arrangement, announcing: “I had sex with Nate, and I liked it.”

4. Nah nah nah nah hey hey hey. “Look, I don’t know what to tell yous,” Big Ang says to Morgan, right before giving her the Donald Trump treatment. Good riddance, you beautiful devil queen.

5. Happy trails. And they’re off. The Staten Island girls return to their old lives and Morgan stomps off to Mansion. But the best news: Cristina’s decision to get some help for her drinking. Now that’s a happy ending.