Fan Reactions To The Big Love & Hip Hop Fight And The Answer To What Was In Amina’s Bra

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Amina really served it to Tara this week on Love & Hip Hop when, in her effort to prove her love with Peter was real, she pulled something out of her bra which set off Tara’s berserk mode.

The moment went by so quickly, we at first thought she was pulling out a ring. Then we saw that it was a little piece of paper and our mind went to “world’s tiniest marriage license.” One hilarious Internet fans put their stock photo accounts to good use and assumed maybe it was a business card. But no, we can definitively say that what Amina showed to Tara was actually her driver’s license with her married name on it.

Since there were so many hilarious fan reactions to this particular moment, we picked some of our favorites to browse through, so take a look at our gallery of reactions to this week’s big bombshell moment. Oh, and here’s a special message to Peter Gunz: With the holidays coming up, now would be a great opportunity for you to buy Amina a wallet so she can keep her ID somewhere besides her bra.

[Photos: Instagram/@Aquarian_Vixen]