Love & Hip Hop Episode 4 Check Yourself: “They Call Me T-Nasty”

This week on Love & Hip Hop: Check Yourself, Peter and Tara discuss Tara’s destructive outburst as she tore through all of Peter’s belongings with a pair of scissors before sending him packing. “They call me T-Nasty,” Tara says in the clip above. “And I will destroy you.” (Also, she really regrets not wearing makeup during that scene.)

Erica and Rich also get in on the action discussing the moment Rich meets Cyn and thinks he might be able to get a threesome in with her and Erica. “Daddy likey?” Erica says when she sees Rich onscreen. “He’s taking this daddy thing way too seriously!” Watch the clip and check back in all week for more Love & Hip Hop news, photos and video!