Joe And Tahiry Discuss Selfies And The State Of Their Relationship On Big Morning Buzz Live

Joe Budden and Tahiry were on today’s episode of Big Morning Buzz Live With Carrie Keagan to discuss the state of their relationship (and who’s making more deposits into their “relationship account”), but the conversation turned into so much more than that.

First, we learned that neither of them are fans of men posting selfies to Instagram (“So not hot,” says Tahiry. “I think it’s so corny.”), how Tahiry once laid out a girl who was texting Joe nude photos of herself. There was also talk of Tahiry’s latest business venture, her new club, Suite 135, which we’ll also be posting more about later this week — but it’s now open for you New Yorkers who want to party with her!

Watch the clip above to find out what’s new with these two, and tune in to Love & Hip Hop Monday nights at 8PM ET/PT.