Team Tara Strikes Back: Fans React To Tara’s Rampage

Yesterday, we featured Love & Hip Hop fans who have sided with  Team Amina. Today, in the interest of fairness, we give members of Team Tara to speak their minds.

After seeing Tara destroy all of  Peter Gunz’s stuff, Tara fans made sure to express their satisfaction online. Some thought that her scissor-happy rampage was enough let Peter know how she really felt. But others felt she went too soft and should have punished Mr. Gunz even more.  Suggestions like  “feed him to the lions,” “force him to listen to an audio book version of the bible  for a whole week,”  “no sex for a decade,” and “go Jimi Hendrix on his musical instruments and torch it” reverberated throughout the Internet. So here are the best fan reactions to Tara going HAM on Peter.

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