She’s The Boss: Tahiry Talks About Her New Club, Suite 135

Tahiry Jose has worked in the nightlife business for years, as a waitress, a manager, a hostess — you name it, the Love & Hip Hop star has done it. But now she’s taken her experience and achieved her ultimate goal, she’s the owner of a brand new club in Harlem, USA, called Suite 135. We spoke to her this week to find out all the details, most importantly, if you go, will she be there? The answer is most likely, yes.

The first thing about Suite 135 is it’s size. The venue, which opened last week, is 7,000 square feet, two floors, and has three bars. “What made my club different,” Tahiry tells us, “is that I have go-go nights. I put in five stages and removable poles so some nights it’s a regular party night and some nights you can come in, watch sports, and have girls dancing go-go. Not nude, they’re in little outfits and bikinis. I come from that, go-go lounges and clubs and everything, it’s my thing.”

Tahiry at the Suite 135 ribbon-cutting [Photo: Instagram]

The club was one of many goals Tahiry put on her vision board, which she’s serious about and puts a lot of stock in. “Years ago I created a vision board, I think that was very important, I encourage kids to do that. It was pretty much how I saw my life in the next couple of years, just building. Even when it came to ’What’s my next vacation spot?’ to family, to magazines I wanted to be on…and this club was part of that.” She says the fact that she’s now on a successful show doesn’t hurt the business either. “Shout to Love & Hip Hop, they’ve helped me a lot. Fan-base-wise, and I’ve made great money so…investments, it’s smart, I figured why not a club?” And now that she’s ticked this item off of her vision board, she tells us she’s incredibly proud of herself for making it happen.

“It’s weird. I remember getting into my car and almost breaking down into tears because I can’t believe I finally did it, it’s here! I was kind of proud of myself, but also really grateful, so I had a little moment that first night. I no longer have to answer to anybody. I worked really hard and put every last penny that I’ve made in this and this is my baby.”

When we asked Tahiry what businessperson she looks up to for inspiration, she told us “I just love NeNe Leakes. I think that she’s done it. She’s pretty much the one person I look at ans she where she started and how much she’s grown and I’ve always said I would love to be the next NeNe Leakes. I also love Bethenny Frankel. These women have used this platform and created bigger things.” Finally, when we asked what fans who go to the club can expect when they head out to her new venue, she assured us that on top of all the typical club stuff, “Good music, good, chill environment, sexy girls,” there’s one thing that sets this place apart: “Tahiry’s in the building!”

Suite 135 is located on 701 West 135th street at 12th Avenue in New York City.