Chrissy & Mr. Jones Sneak Peek: Ladies’ Night?

Jim figures it’s time to do something extra special for Chrissy, given that she’s elevated the status of Lady Vamp and has also been helping out with parenting duties. So Jimmy enlists his girl’s pal Emily to explain what he’s thinking about doing to show his appreciation.

Jim thinks Chrissy could use a night on the town with her buddies and needs Emily’s help to pull off the surprise. He wants to rent a pink limo to pick Chrissy up from their house — but Emily’s a little skeptical, thinking that Chrissy won’t be down with a “Barbie limo” and would actually prefer something more low-key. Emily believes Jim secretly wants to have a little fun by choosing a ride that Chrissy would find gaudy, but she knows her friend well enough to be able to smooth other any ruffled feathers.

Now that it seems Emily’s on board, will Jim be able to give Chrissy the ultimate surprise? Or will she somehow find out before it happens? Tune in to the next episode of Chrissy & Mr. Jones on Monday at 9/8c, only on VH1.