Love & Hip Hop Episode 5 Recap: Messy Boots Records

When last we saw Tara, she was throwing Peter out of the house after taking a pair of scissors to all of his earthly belongings. This week, Tara’s still getting some of that aggression out, thankfully at the gym. She meets up with Yandy to admit what she’s done, telling her she went off after browsing through Amina’s Instgram account. “Three glasses of wine later, I’m cutting up all of Peter’s clothes.”

“Eeeeeeeeeek,” Yandy says.

“Honestly, I’m not okay,” Tara says. “Peter and I will never be together again.”

Tara turns the conversation to Yandy’s business, partly because she wants to know if Yandy is going to sign Amina (No.) and partly just because she’s a supportive friend. Yandy sighs and tells Tara “You know dealing with Rich, it’s always something.” But Yandy says that when it comes to the Amina decision, she’s the boss and it doesn’t matter what Rich wants to do, she’s not signing her. Period.

Erica Jean and Saigon have committed to dating one another to see where their relationship is going, and in a truly “only on reality TV” moment, he takes her on a “painting date.” It’s sweet in theory but also kinda weird. (What do you do with you wet paint canvases when the date is over? Carefully carry them home on the subway trying not to bump into anything?)

“All the pieces of the puzzle are finally coming together,” Erica says after she and Saigon have a heartfelt conversation about their relationship and their son. They’re finally in a romantic place, after all the drama and anger. But will it last? Ehrm, no.

Peter Gunz is still sorry Tara found out he was married to Amina, and still desperately clings to the fact that he’s in love with both of them. “I know eventually all of this is going to blow up in my face,” he says. Eventually??

“I’m looking like the biggest creep in the world,” he continues. “But I promise you, it’s all for love.”

Peter hits up Amina in the studio and she’s all business. She isn’t yet aware of the fact that Yandy doesn’t want to work with her, and with no progress being made by here manager-husband, she says that she might even consider looking for new management. “I’m not gonna stay with somebody that’s not gonna make s— happen for me, you know?” she tells him. Peter looks disappointed to hear this.

Peter hits up Rich to see where they stand with the business side of things and…oops, Rich and Yandy have not made things clear with one another about their feelings for Amina. While Yandy has already made up her mind not to work with Amina, Rich tells Peter “I still f— with her!” and assures Peter “We can push the button on that. I got ya.”

(Quick aside — did Tara take her scissors to Rich’s shirt, too? Who’s responsible for this sleeve situation?)

Rich shakes hands with Peter and tells him he’s going to holler at Yandy to make this a go. What was that Yandy was saying about Rich being a messy businessman?

Rich meets up with Yandy to tell her he said yes to Peter about working with Amina, and Yandy isn’t happy. “Honestly, Rich, I’m not about the mess,” she tells him. “I think there are people out there that are just as talented and superstars and don’t have as much mess.”

“We liked her,” Rich tells Yandy, based on Amina’s first performance. “Peter is fam.”

“This is about business! I’m not signing Amina to anything!” Yandy tells him.

“Oh my God,” Rich shakes his head. “This is not going to end well.”

Enter Peter, who has a spring in his step because Rich has already promised him a deal with Amina.

Yandy tells hims flat out “I can’t be a part of Messy Boots Records like he can.”

Yandy tells Peter that Rich is free to work with them if he chooses, but since she’s opting out, she leaves them. Rich isn’t about to leave Peter hanging but he’s still hesitant about his new job as CEO of Messy Records.

“I know everything Erica touches blows up,” Nya Lee says, and this concerns her mainly because she’s been friends with Cyn for a while now, and after learning that Cyn and Erica are dating, she gets together with Cyn to find out what she can about the relationship.

Nya lays out her issues with Erica and tells Cyn about their big fight in the studio. “No, no, no, we don’t need all of this hostility, man!” Cyn responds. Cyn tells Nya that she has a harsh side and can e reckless with her words, and Nya agrees, so she reconsiders working with Erica and pushing past their original fight.

“Maybe y’all could feature me on a track,” Cyn jokes, and she pretends to sing for Nya.

Cyn is my new favorite person, it’s official.

Cyn tells Erica that she wants her to reconsider working with Nya so as not to burn any bridges in the music world just yet, and as much as Erica resists, it’s the perfect opportunity for her to tell Cyn she signed a contract with Rich. Cyn’s still anti-Rich for the way he did Erica so dirty last year, but they agree that Erica should keep all her options open with everyone.

Lord knows why Saigon would use Peter as his sounding board again after Peter’s the one who told him he needed a paternity test, but Saigon seems to trust his friend and needs his advice. He’s worried that his son, Little B, is lagging developmentally because he doesn’t speak. Rather than seeing a specialist, he decides to wait and see if Erica brings it up or notices. Since she hasn’t yet, he thinks she’s a bad parent.

They meet for lunch so Saigon can tell Erica his concerns. It doesn’t go well.

“I’m in Chuck E. Cheese almost every day,” he begins (lol?). “I don’t think he’s getting the proper care or attention that he deserves.” He telle her that she doesn’t pay him enough attention, that he’s not nearly as developed as his daughter who’s a month apart in age, and that he throws tantrums to get what he wants which means there’s something wrong with Erica’s parenting. “I’m criticizing you. The mother.”

“How dare he doubt my mothering?” Erica says. “I give my all to my child ad now he’s making it out like I’m the problem?” Saigon even goes so far as to mimic the sounds his son makes and it makes Erica so angry she walks out. “It’s not okay for him to talk about me like that and it is definitely not okay for him to talk about my son like that. This is his split personality again and I am not going to sit here and let him disrespect me.”

The situation devolves to the point where they end up screaming the most hurtful things they can at each other until Saigon hurls Erica’s purse across the parking lot. Class act all around.

Yandy is distressed because she’s not getting any answers from Mendeecees’ lawyer about his trial. She has no idea how long he might still be in prison for or when he’s coming home. He’s missed Omere’s first birthday which kills Yandy, so she takes matters into her own hands and flies upstate to meet with their lawyer. “I’m not leaving this lawyer’s office without all the details on my man’s case, and that’s just what it is.”

The lawyer tells Yandy that there are details of the case that are confidential and which she’s not privy to, so there’s more to it than she’s aware. He can’t even tell her where they stand as far as going to trial. “What am I paying you for if I can’t get answers and you are not pushing for the freedom of my man?” she wonders. After further discussions with the lawyer, Yandy says that it appears as though Mendeecees has not told her as much about his charges as she thought. “Brace yourself for a long process,” the lawyer tells her.
Tara isn’t returning Peter’s calls so he decides the only way to get her to talk to him is to ambush her on her way to work. He jumps out from behind a bush (basically) and holds her up, telling her he wants to see his family and he wants to know what he can do to make things right. Tara wants no part of this.

“I can’t tell you what to do, Peter. Do whatever you feel like you need to do,” she tells him.

“At this point I have no plans on leaving Amina but I also got no plans on leaving Tara,” he says. How does he still think he can have both? It’s the riddle of the Sphinx.

True to her word, Erica meets with Nya to appease Cyn and give their collabo one last shot. Erica explains that she’s completely over Nya but “Cyn has her way of making me do what she wants.”

Things go left instantly when Nya insinuates that Erica’s Birkin bag is “questionable.” Things get worse as they both bring up how little credibility the other has, with Erica taunting Nya that she’ll never make it out of the strip club.

“Look where you at, bitch!” Erica yells, and she takes her dollar bills out, making them rain (on everyone’s parade).

Sadly, it looks like the only peace accord Cyn’s able to broker is between her rice and beans at Chipotle because these two women are not having it.