Hot Mama: Rasheeda’s Post-Baby Style

  • rasheeda6

    Beauty in blue. [Photo: Instagram]

  • rasheeda2

    Georgia Peace x Virgin remy

  • rasheeda3

    Hosting a fashion show. [Photo: Instagram]

  • rasheeda1

    Corset for the gym. [Photo: Instagram]

  • rasheeda4

    Big hair. [Photo: Instagram]

  • rasheeda7

    Working it out. [Photo: Instagram]

  • rasheeda9

    Sun and smiles. [Photo: Instagram]

  • rasheeda8

    Insert “aww” here. [Photo: Instagram]

  • rasheeda5

    Shaking that baby weight off, one set at a time. [Photo: Instagram]

  • rasheeda12

    Pretty girl curls. [Photo: Instagram]

  • rasheeda15

    Letting the Indian hair extensions flow. [Photo: Instagram]

  • rasheeda10

    Black on black on black. [Photo: Instagram]

  • rasheeda11

    Rick James would approve (that’s a compliment). [Photo: Instagram]

  • rasheeda13

    Face beat to take the kids trick-or-treating. [Photo: Instagram]

  • rasheeda14

    Giving chic Urkel realness. [Photo: Instagram]

For much of the second season of Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta, the three best words to describe Rasheeda were “big, pregnant, and bothered.” As fans await the third season of the popular reality series (amen), Rasheeda’s been hard at work on shaking off the excess pounds she gained during her pregnancy with baby Karter. And of course, the Georgia peach has been keeping her face beat, her style chic, and her hair “layed” (homage: Funky Dineva) the entire way.

She killed the maternity wear during her pregnancy, so now here’s a look at Rasheeda’s post-baby style. Expect weights, lots of weave and even more bursts of color. Sing “My Bubble Gum” in your head while scrolling. It’s more fun that way. Swear.