Pretty In Pink: The Best Moments From This Week’s Chrissy & Mr. Jones

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Jim knows in his heart that Chrissy is his true partner, both personally and professionally. And he decides to acknowledge his lady’s contributions by arranging for her to have a special night on the town with her friends. But something feels a little off about Jim’s gesture.

Chrissy does get to hang with her friends — but in a flashy pink stretch Hummer limousine! She manages to enjoy the night, but can’t believe she was actually seen in a car that clearly conflicts with her style. Before all is said and done, Chrissy knows that she has to get Jimmy back in a big way.

Meanwhile, we get to see Mama Jones chill with her grandson, Pudie — because Jim and Chrissy always call on her to babysit! And Jim shows off his bowling skills and his competitive spirit during a night with his mom and his son.

Basically, on tonight’s Chrissy & Mr. Jones, the Jones family shows us why we can’t get enough of them! Browse through our gallery of this episode’s best moments and in the comments, you can tell us which ones were your favorites!