The Glamourous Lives Of The Ladies of Tiny Tonight

  • tami-tinytonight

    “Tiny Tonight” from Tami Roman’s POV. [Photo: Instagram]

  • tami-lilmo

    Tami Roman and “R&B Divas: LA” star Lil’ Mo. [Photo: Instagram]

  • claudia-jordan-mimi-faust

    Claudia Jordan and Mimi Faust. [Photo: Instagram]

  • claudia

    Claudia looking pretty by the pool in Lagos, Nigeria. [Photo: Instagram]

  • cluadia-porsha

    Claudia Jordan and Porsha Stewart. [Photo: Instagram]

  • cluadia-halloween

    Red hot for Halloween. [Photo: Instagram]

  • tiny-omg

    Tiny and her daughter, OMG Girlz singer Zonnique. [Photo: Instagram]

  • tiny-shekinah

    Tiny. [Photo: Instagram]

  • tiny-ti

    Tiny and her hubby and other co-star, T.I. [Photo: Instagram]

  • tiny

    Big smile from Tiny. [Photo: Instagram]

  • tiny-tinytonight

    The set of “Tiny Tonight,” from Tiny’s POV. [Photo: Instagram]

  • shekinah1

    Shekinah [Photo: Instagram]

  • shekinah-busta

    Shekinah and Busta Rhymes. [Photo: Instagram]

  • trina-cassie

    Trina and Cassie [Photo: Instagram]

  • trina-diamondprincess

    Where are my Trina, the rapper fans at? [Photo: Instagram]

  • trina-tami

    Trina and Tami sharing a laugh on the set of “Tiny Tonight.” [Photo: Instagram]

  • trina

    Trina, serving. [Photo: Instagram]

  • trina2

    Diamond Princess. [Photo: Instagram]

  • tiny-tonight1

    The cast of “Tiny Tonight.” [Photo: Instagram]

On Tuesday, Tameka “Tiny” Harris will host a special holiday-themed episode of Tiny Tonight alongside Basketball Wives star Tami Roman, rapper Trina, and TV personality and VH1 Bikini Awards winner Claudia Jordan. You’ll find out how stars like Gabrielle Union, Dwayne Wade, and the cast of Love & Hip Hop party during the holidays, plus get tips from the women on what holiday traditions to skip out on and how to celebrate with favorite food and drinks from the cast. Now before the ladies “bring the joy and the sexy back to this special time of year,” here’s a look at all of the women — including Tiny Tonight guest star, hairstylist and budding reality star Shekinah.

Be sure to check out Tiny Tonight: Ladies Guide to the Holidays on Tuesday at 9:00 PM ET/PT on VH1.