Love & Hip Hop Fans Are Dying To Know Why Saigon’s In Chuck E. Cheese Every Day

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Saigon started that argument off by saying ’I’m in Chuck E. Cheese almost every day’…I guess we gotta just let that slide huh?”

That’s what Twitter user @WatchJ asked last night during Love & Hip Hop when Saigon and Erica Jean had their giant parenting dispute over their son’s development, in which Saigon explained that he’s concerned by his son’s language skills. Twitter and Instagram users were confused and amused by Saigon’s declaration that he’s “in Chuck E. Cheese almost every day” and sees kids who are way more advanced than his son. Which begs the question: why’s he in that place so much? We may never know.

Read some of the most hilarious fan responses to that moment in the gallery above.