As Heard On VH1: Kodaline Brings An Indie Sound To VH1 Shows’ Most Dramatic Scenes

If you’re a fan of Hollywood Exes or Couples Therapy, chances are you’ve heard Kodaline, a new quartet hailing from Ireland. The group’s indie rock sound has served as the soundtrack for the shows’ most dramatic scenes, including the time AJ broke the news to Renee he was moving out on Mob Wives.

“It’s really cool,” says Stephen Garrigan, the group’s lead singer, in an exclusive interview VH1. “It’s a different way of looking at the song.”

Mark Prendergast adds that “it’s a huge compliment when someone wants to use your song in a different context.” VH1’s music supervisors, the ones who have used Kodaline’s songs in a “different context,” explain why the band’s music works so perfectly in each scene.

Isaac Ayers on choosing “High Hopes” for Mob Wives

“I found out about the band from our rep from RCA records who  sent along an early version of the song “All I Want” to get our thoughts on them,” Ayers says. The song was enough to peak his interest. Ayers remembered them when it came time to pick a song for a pivotal Mob Wives scene when AJ breaks the news to Renee that he’s moving out of the house to live on his own.

“Renee has a pretty difficult time accepting this change in her family and isn’t ready to let AJ take such a big step,” Ayers says. “At one point in the scene Renee says ’I’m not ready for you to leave’ and then we hear Kodaline come in with ’it’s time to let it go, go out and start again / but it’s not that easy / but I’ve got high hopes.’ The scene is a mixture of emotions – fear of letting go and hope about the future – and the song does a solid job at capturing that with the rather melancholy tone of the verse and the optimism of the lyrics at the chorus.”

Tracey Turner on selecting “Perfect World” for Hollywood Exes

If there’s one theme that rings true on the Hollywood Exes, it’s that the world is hardly perfect. Tuner came up with the idea of using “Perfect World” after watching the group perform.

“I pitched ’Perfect World’ for a scene where one of the characters realizes that her hopes of rekindling her relationship with her ex-husband just aren’t going to happen,” Tuner says. “She leaves his office, driving away in her car, digesting all that just happened. We start with ’touchdown to reality, it’s not exactly what you had in mind’ and go into the chorus – it fit perfectly.”

Paul Logan on featuring “After The Fall” and “Pray” on Couples Therapy

Two of Kodaline’s songs are featured on Couples Therapy. “After The Fall” can be heard in the show’s super trailer and “Pray” plays in the background of season three, episode eight. Logan chose “After The Fall” because of the song’s lyrics.

“’Are you searching for an answer?’ was the lyric that really stood out to use in that spot as the couples are literally searching for the answers to their relationship issues,” Logan says. The song’s theme encompassed the tone of that season’s show.

As for “Pray,” it was selected because of its dark undertones, which played perfectly into a scene where Catelynn is trying to help Tyler through the issues he’s dealing with.

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