A Voice In The Wilderness: The Best Moments From This Week’s Chrissy & Mr. Jones

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In tonight’s episode of Chrissy & Mr. Jones, the family gets closer to nature — but have they gotten too close for comfort?

Now that Pudie’s done with his day camp, he has to find ways to fill the rest of his summer with Jim and Chrissy. It seems like the family is going to embark on a hiking trip, but Chrissy knows Jim won’t willingly set foot on an outdoor trail. Pudie and Chrissy dupe Jim to spend a day in the wilderness and he complains for a good portion of the outing. But he ends up enjoying it enough that Pudie asks his dad to camp out with him the their backyard!

Meanwhile, Mama Jones has quite an interesting spa day with Sassy that includes some actual mud slinging! Freddie also comes back into the picture, trying to sincerely make up with Mama Jones.

So what were your favorite moments from tonight’s episode? Tell us below in the comments!