Love & Hip Hop Episode 6: My Mouth Is Reckless

Peter has to tell Amina that Yandy doesn’t want to work with her because of their messy situation and Amina’s not very happy to hear that. “Seriously, it’s not cool that Yandy psyched me up about signing me to her label and now she’s backing out,” Amina says with an eye roll. “I didn’t break up anybody’s family or cheat on anybody’s baby mama. Peter did that. And now it seems like I’m the one who’s paying the price.”

Amina has another problem with Peter, too, and that’s the fact that even though their marriage is now out there and Tara knows about it, Peter still doesn’t act very husband-y. He sleeps elsewhere, he doesn’t come by much, and Amina says “It’s like you’re my husband whenever you feel like it.” Peter thinks that for the most part, he IS playing the role of husband, but he tells her that some day he’ll give her a ring to make things look more legit. The only reason he hasn’t yet is that he can’t afford a nice one. Amina asks him if he’ll wear a ring too and even though his lips say “Yes,” his eyes say “Maybe?”

Tahiry and Joe’s relationship is still pretty much done at this point, and she’s in a mourning period. She visits Rashidah, who is trying on wedding dresses, and it might be the worst venue for Tahiry to be at that moment because she hates being reminded that she’s not going to get a wedding to Joe like she had hoped for. “I’m not hurt, I’m not angry, I’m just sad,” she tells Rah. “And so walking in here, I don’t mean to ruin your day of fun, but I thought I’d be wearing a dress. That was the whole point. The whole point after nine years of being with somebody and dealing with all of his struggles.”

“You deserve so much better,” Rah tells Tahiry.

Tahiry has a bright spot (hopefully) in her life at the moment though. Her younger sister, Lexie, who stopped speaking to her five years ago, reached out to her. When one door closes, Tahiry says, another opens. Hopefully this door will lead to something good.

Yandy is upset with Rich these days because their business partnership hasn’t been working out the way she hoped. Rich has been in charge of finding the talent for their new label, but “the only person Rich has brought in my direction is Messy Mina!”

“I GOT you. Trust me!” Rich tells Yandy.

“You’re going to be Richie D. the Intern in a second because you’re not doing what you need to do!” Yandy says.

Rich promises to search for talent under every rock, in every crevice and in every sofa cushion. Starting now.

Okay, so Peter has just promised Amina to act more like a real husband, but after a day with his two boys, he decided to crash at Tara’s place and persuade her to let him stay over. Tara, admittedly tipsy, explains how hard it is to resist Peter and get over him when he insists on staying and repeatedly making advances and flirting. It ends on a friendly note with him kissing, um, it.

Tahiry and her younger sister Lexie meet up for the first time in years and it’s an emotional moment for Tahiry. She’s emotional to begin with, but then Lexie tells Tahiry that their father lost his apartment which upsets her even more. Lexie then tells Tahiry that the reason she’s been distant for all this time is that she feels like when Tahiry is in her relationships, specifically her relationship with Joe, she ignores everyone else important to her. (BTW, Lexie and Tahiry sound almost identical, no?)

“I didn’t neglect my sister,” Tahiry says. “But she felt that way.”

Lexie tells Tahiry that she has no trust in her, that she can’t reach out to her for anything. Tahiry tells her that’s not true, but Lexie is staunch in her opinion that Tahiry will turn her back on her. This kills Tahiry inside.

“This really makes me realize how much I’ve sacrificed for his ass,” Tahiry says about Joe. “This gives me the chance to fix my relationship with my sister.”
Amina has a huge surprise for Peter when they meet at the park: she’s bought them wedding rings. I love a woman who takes matters into her own hands. Peter feigns excitement and “jokes” with her that he needs to wear his on a chain around his neck.

She makes him put his on and he tells her that even though he plans to wear it, he still feels bad to throw this in Tara’s face. Especially when he’s sleeping with her. (Cough.)

Peter reiterates that he’s still in live with both women, and the reason it’s difficult to choose between them is because he’s always more in love with whoever he’s with at the time. Between his children with Tara and wearing Amina’s ring, he has a lot tethering him to each woman and it’s impossible to choose.

K.Michelle picks Tara up to join her at a speech she’s giving, and on the way, Tara fills K in on all the latest with her, from cutting up all of Peter’s belongings, to to cutting off ties with him, to her recent moment of weakness in hooking up with him.

“I know that ultimately, it only hurts me,” she says. “It just confirms that I’m not over him like I think I am.”

“Leave that man and leave that girl be,” K advises Tara. Tara agrees, if for nothing else, for her sanity.
Erica hasn’t told Cyn about her latest run-in with Nya Lee, so when they meet up to catch up, Erica explains that things did not go well. “We got a serious, delusional stripper on the loose,” she tells Cyn.

Erica also breaks it to Cyn that her big calendar photo shoot is coming up and it’s shooting in Panama. Yay!

And Rich Dollaz is coming! Boo.

“I’m allergic to corny people,” Cyn tells Erica.

“Have a little faith!” Erica tells Cyn.

“I came up with this brilliant plan,” is something that, when uttered by Rich Dollaz, is not something you want to put much stock in these days. Rich has decided that since he’s going to help manage Amina on his own, maybe Peter can help manage Erica. Why? WHY? Erica only refers to Peter as “Little Gunz,” she blames him for destroying her relationship with Rich, and Peter doesn’t really hold her in high esteem either. So again I ask you, Rich: WHY??

When Rich proposes this idea to Peter, his response is “I ain’t saying no, I just wish her personality matched her looks.” Nice.

“It has become that!” Rich assures Peter.

“Get the f— outta here,” Peter says.

Then Peter says he’s interested in meeting her because “i never met her before in my life.” Wait, what?? He talks so much trash about her, but he’s never even met her? Lucky for him, Rich has already set something up.

“I want nothing to do with this clown,” Erica says right off the bat when she realizes Peter is at this dinner that Rich has set up. She doesn’t know about Rich’s brilliant idea to have Peter manage her, and she’s about to shut it down before it even gets any momentum.

“Had I told her we was gonna meet with Pete, she probably wouldn’t have showed up,” Rich says. He was very right about that.

Peter begins the conversation well enough, he apologizes for his meddling in their relationship last year but Erica doesn’t accept. She tells him to be a man and explain why he meddled in the first place, and Peter explains “Streets was talkin’ that you were a little reckless.” Erica rolls her eyes and responds “Let’s talk about the streets, ’cause the streets is talking, you’re a f—ig clown out in these streets.”

Peter takes a jab at Erica’s talent, telling her she can’t sing, and she knocks him for having no credibility. He tells her when you break it all down, all Erica is is a pair of fake boobs and ass. “If that’s what you wanna break it down to to make yourself feel better then yeah, my tits is fake and my mouth is real, motherf—er.”
Rich is taking in his brilliant idea serenely.

While Amina — oh, yeah, Amina is there too — is more shocked than anything, to hear this woman call her man a clown.

“Rich, if you don’t get this bitch out my f—ing face —” Peter begins, but Erica hurls a plate at his head and before he can finish his sentence, he makes good on whatever he was going to say, because he hurls a glass at her. After they’re separated, Erica yells her new catchphrase at him just to drive her point home.

Erica is angry at Rich for attempting to unite her with Peter and says “If he thinks he’s gonna come with me to Panama after pulling this, he can think again.” (I’m sure Cyn is happy to hear that.)

Erica wants to know why Rich is still taking Peter’s advice at all, and they have it out on the sidewalk. Rich is none too pleased himself though at her behavior in there. “That s— was out of hand,” he tells her.

“Shorty just took it to the next level. I thought Erica had changed and was gonna be able to keep calm, cool and collected,” he says. “But clearly that’s just not who she is.” Not when you try to pull off a brilliant plan, Rich Dollaz.