Love & Hip Hop Episode 7 Recap: Royalty Or Ratchetness

Based on their last appearance on the show, we wouldn’t be surprised if Saigon and Erica Jean decided to part way and never speak again, but Saigon realizes now that the way he behaved toward Erica, calling her names and implying that she was a bad mother, was pretty terrible. “I made a mistake, and I’m man enough to man up and own up to that,” he says, so he invites her to the studio where he’s working to apologize.

“I know I f—ed up,” he tells her, and he is genuinely upset and sorry for lashing out at her, explaining that he watched his father belittle his mother and he’s not about to go down that road himself.

“I’m shocked, because that is very very big of you,” Erica tells him, but she also confesses that she’s used to this pattern of behavior from him, one minute he’s a nice guy, the next minute he flies off the handle. This is the first step for them to move their relationship forward and Saigon is so thrilled that she forgives him.

It seems like Peter Gunz gets an itch to step out on his relationships at the first whiff of commitment, because the first thing he did after he received a wedding ring from Amina was go hook up with Tara. And then Amina noticed that when Peter went out to take his son to school, he left his ring on the nightstand. She brings the ring with her to the guitar store where they meet up later in the day and asks him why he wasn’t wearing it — a reasonable question — and Peter responds like he married the biggest nag in the world, telling her that wearing it is like “a foreign object” and that she’s f—ing up a good thing and starting to become Tara.

I’m f—ing it up?” she asks. She then tells him how much she hates when he spends the night at Tara’s with their kids, but if he’s stil going to spend time with them, she wants to meet the boys. Unfortunately, that’s not something Tara will allow. Peter tells her that she might be able to meet his younger son, Kaz, but his older boy might snitch if Amina hangs out with him.

“If I’m really Mrs. Pankey, then Peter needs to start acting like it,” Amina says. She wants to become a part of his life, meet his kids, feel like a WIFE.

“What’s up with you, plate thrower?” Rich asks Erica when she walks in to his apartment for a visit.

“I woulda threw his bitch if she didn’t run so quick,” she responds. Rich wants to know why she flew off on Peter during their business lunch, and Erica explains once again that Peter is the one responsible for breaking up her relationship with Rich because he’s the one who was whispering in Rich’s ear last season to break up and she doesn’t know why Rich keeps him around because he’s messy.

“Stop f—ing throwing plates and acting like a maniac out here and no one would have anything negative to say about you!” Rich yells at Erica when she starts in on Little Gunz. “I thought that Erica had changed but her attitude will always be her biggest downfall…The reality is, she’s her own worst enemy in these situations.”

Erica has a more emotional explanation for the way she behaves — she still loves Rich. “I still, to this day, choose you over everything!” she tells him, after all their battles last season. She even signed her contract with Rich because it was “my way of keeping you in my life,” she says. This seems like news to Rich.

“I’m smart enough to know that things between us, personally, will never work out,” she adds.

This episode is all about apologies, and this time, it’s Yandy’s turn. Last week, she was on Rich’s case for not bringing in the talent they need to get their record label moving, and this week she admits that the stress she’s under in her personal life with Mendeecees being away is getting to her, and it spilled into her relationship with Rich.

“I know you’re going through it. I know it’s rough,” Rich says. “You’re a strong black woman right now, you doing what you gotta do.”

“I don’t wanna be strong all the time,” she cries. The label is something that’s just adding to her stress and she really needs Rich to step up if they want to make it work, because she can’t carry all that weight on her own.

“The money gonna be there,” Rich tells her. “We know our way to it.”

Rich and Peter haven’t seen one another since the Erica Mena plate throwing incident, and Peter doesn’t hold the situation against Rich, but he does give him something of an ultimatum, Rich needs to choose where his loyalties lie. “Royalty or ratchetness. You pick!” Peter says to Rich.

“I’m sorry, I’m a grown-ass man and I’m not standing for any ultimatums,” Rich says. Rich feel like Erica deserves a shot and says “If Pete needs to walk away from this management deal and this friendship, that’s on him.”

Once Peter realizes that Rich is not going to cast Erica aside, he takes one last swig of mimosa and gets up from the table. “My ’brother’ would never, ever speak to a bitch that spoke to me like that,” Peter says. “That girl will never change. But I guess once he’s done staring at those fake tits he’ll realize that.” Gunz out.

K.Michelle’s life is insane right now — in a good way, it’s a blessing that her album and tour schedule are so successful. But with that success, she needs to have good people around her, people who can keep her organized and on point, and she finds her current support system to be lacking. Last week she fired her assistant for being disorganized, emotional, and vegan. This week, she tells her manager that she needs to get a completely new crew and enlists her friends Tracie and Paris to help her find a new assistant.

When Paris walks in, she tells K that she’s on all the blogs because there’s a rumor that K is pregnant. “I’m not having no baby,” K assures her. “I’m trying not to spaz on these blogs because it’s ridiculous!”

And then she totally breaks down because even though she signed up for this, she cries, “It’s still my life.”

Erica and Cyn head out to Panama for Erica’s calendar shoot, but more than that, it’s an opportunity for the two lovebirds to spend some quality alone time together. We get to see a montage of the two connecting “on a spiritual level” and it’s very sweet to watch them be so thoroughly in love.

“I gotta admit, we’re closer than ever,” Erica says. “It feels good…I think I got a partner for life.” And Cyn has a second partner, the first being her Chipotle burrito.

When they get back from the trip, Erica takes Cyn for a spa day and while they tub it up, Cyn tells Erica, “You know I’ve never been with a girl. It’s very new to me and you’ve taken it real easy with me…never in a million years did I imagine us being here now. You’re smart, you’re funny, you make me feel good. I can honestly say that it’s something that I’ve never felt before. I like where this is going.” Erica fights back the tears (and maybe, sort of, so do we).

Saigon and Erica Jean are working together to figure out if there’s actually a developmental issue with their son, per their huge blowout fight. They visit a child psychologist, after having been to a pathologist, to see what she has to say. Sometimes instead of using his words, it turns out their son will act out physically, so the doctor asks the parents “How is anger acted out between you two?” Here, let me show you this parking lot footage, Doc, and you can see for yourself.

“When we fight it’s not pretty,” Saigon says. “It’s mostly me, more so than her. That’s my defense mechanism.” It seems that their behavior mirrors what Steven does, and he mimics his parents’ own actions of frustration and anger.

“Hopefully it isn’t too late in Steven’s development to make a difference,” Erica says.

K.Michelle’s album, Rebellious Soul, has hit #1 on the R&B charts, so what better way to celebrate than to hit the club with her pals Paris and Yandy? While the three of them are out, they run into “monkey one and monkey two,” Peter and Amina, and Yandy says “I don’t want no part of this three ring circus.”

The happy couple sits down with the ladies and straight off the bat, K.Michelle brings up “the elephant in the moherf—ing room,” asking Peter “When was the last time you slept with Tara?”

“You think he’s gonna sit here and tell you in front of his wife that he slept with Tara three weeks ago?” Yandy asks.


This is kind of awkward, and enough to make anyone sympathize, even just a little bit, with Amina. Peter dodges the question completely, and Amina asks him to join her at the bar so they can discuss this situation privately. “I was really uncomfortable,” Amina admits. “I wanted to get out. I wanted to have a private conversation with Peter about it but not in front of them.”

Amina asks Peter what it is the women know about him and Tara, and he says he’s not doing any of this “timetable s—” which is his way of saying yes, we slept together three weeks ago but who’s counting?

Yandy meets with Tara to tell her they ran into Peter an Amina and laid everything out for her about what happened at the club. Yandy said that Peter claimed he couldn’t remember the last time he slept with Tara, but Tara says that in the last two months she’s “taken two Plan B’s” and Peter’s been generous with his…love. Which is why Yandy hates to bring up the other thing about what she saw at the club: Peter and Amina wearing matching wedding bands.

“I need to check his pathetic ass, because obviously there’s a missing piece to this puzzle,” Tara responds. “Peter is still lying to both me and Amina and Peter needs to stop playing these childish games because, for one, I’ve had enough.” This has been the kick in the pants that Tara needs to get serious about doing something about Peter. “Let’s take the gloves off!” she says.

Tara is a woman on the verge of…something. So she busts her ass over to the basketball court to see Peter and tell him everything she knows and ask for an explanations. “He’s trying to play me as if I’m going to be his side chick!” she says. “The f— outta here, I don’t think so.”

She asks Peter if it’s true that he was wearing a wedding ring in public, and he tells her yes. “What happened to ’If you want, I will divorce her and fix my family?'” she asks.

“You said you didn’t want that,” Peter tells her.

“What game are you playing? What are you telling her, Peter?” You’re not even faithful to her now. At some point you have to be honest with yourself,” Tara tells him. Tara insists that she and Amina and he all get together so she can figure out what lies he’s been telling both of them.

“I would never want Amina and Tara in the same room but at this point I may have to wave the white flag,” Peter says. “It’s only a matter of time before they both find out the truth and it really goes down.”