Peter Gunz Describes Erica Mena In Three (Not Very Nice) Words

In case you couldn’t have guessed it from the place settings they hurled at one another’s head last week, Peter Gunz and Erica Mena don’t like each other. The two Love & Hip Hop stars share a deep dislike for one another despite their common bond with Rich Dollaz. We asked Peter recently what three words he’d use to describe Erica and his choices were not very kind. Later, he told us that he never wanted anything to do with her, and she’s just using him to get screen time on “The Peter Gunz Show.” Read more about Peter’s thoughts on Erica below!

Describe Erica to me in three words.

Disgusting…I’m trying to think of three words. Nasty. Disgusting. Bitch. How about that?

Have you spoken to her since your fight in the restaurant?

No. And I wasn’t even supposed to see her that day. The things that she’s mad at me about are things that have nothing to do with me. [Last season], Rich Dollaz asked me to say those things about her, I never looked at her Instagram, I don’t follow her on Instagram, I’m not into Instagram, I’m an old man, you know what I mean? I post and go. So I actually was doing what her boyfriend told me to do. I explained that to her and she still chose to turn up because it’s The Peter Gunz Show. So if she argues with Peter Gunz, that puts her up on Peter Gunz’s level.

She’s shown Amina a lot of support though, she’s posted tweets about how she likes Amina’s music and she’s really cool with her. Is that weird for you that they’re cool?

Because she sees Amina’s the star of the show and she sees Rich is in cahoots with me and is getting more TV time so how else do you get more TV time, you get in cahoots with somebody else. After the argument with me and her, she goes outside and calls [Amina] a bitch, so how are they cool? She’s just trying to grasp on to somebody. I’m just mad at myself, she’s a weirdo and I don’t even want to answer that question.

[Photo: Colin Gray for VH1]