Attention, Conspiracy Theorists! Peter Gunz Did Not Marry Amina For A Green Card

Every Love & Hip Hop fan has an opinion on the Peter-Amina-Tara situation, and some of you even have your own theories as to why Peter cheated on his longtime girlfriend Tara and up and married Amina. Many fans even speculated that Peter married the German-born Amina just so she could get a green card. We spoke to Peter about this conspiracy theory, as well as some of the details of their wedding (mark your calendars, their anniversary is February 15th), and how Peter would never get Amina’s name tattooed on himself. And yep, that’s a photo Peter wearing his ring in public. The man has definitely grown comfortable(ish) showing it off.

A lot of people have conspiracy theories about why you married Amina, for a green card or whatever. Can you set the record straight?

Here’s the deal, I’m not gonna marry someone I don’t love. That would never, ever, ever happen. So if people want to go say he married her for the green card, no. I would never. I was offered $40,000, $50,000 to marry a Russian woman one time, you know what I mean? When I was young. I could have used the money, too, but I would never get married for no other reason other than I love someone, first of all. Second of all, we haven’t filed for citizenship, and it’s almost a year that we’ve been married, we have nothing in the plans for her to file for citizenship. She loves Germany. So when people go reporting to immigration or making these accusations, it’s just crazy to me. the girl got my name tattooed on her. We love each other, it’s obvious. I didn’t get married for no other reason other than I love her.

Can you give me some details of your wedding?

It was at city hall. She filed for a marriage license and I kept telling her, let’s do it on this date or that date, and I thought getting married on Valentine’s Day would be the ultimate slap in the face to Tara so I waited till the day after. My anniversary is the 15th.

When did she get the tattoo?

On her birthday. She came and was like, I got a surprise for you and the surprise was the tattoo which I would never recommend people to get another man or woman’s name on their skin, I just feel like nothing’s promised. Although you’re in love in that moment, you never know what will happen. But along with her getting the tattoo, she already showed me what she would go over it with if we break up. I don’t believe in putting anybody’s name on you.

So you’d never get her name on you?

I’ve done that before and I had to go over it. I’ll never make that mistake again.

[Photo: Colin Gray for VH1]