Peter Gunz Says It’s “Gonna Hurt” Watching Tara Move On With Another Man

We spoke to Love & Hip Hop star Peter Gunz recently about his marriage to Amina (a marriage which, he says, is all for love and not for a green card), and why it’s so hard for him to ease into the husband role. As he’s said many times before, he’s in love with both women, but at least nowadays he can accept the fact that Tara will be moving on with her life. Peter’s just knows it’s going to hurt when she finds herself a new man.

“The hard thing is that I’m still in love with Tara too,” he told us. “For people to say you can’t be in love with two women at the same time, it’s not true. I’m still torn between two women, I just know I can’t have both of them. Tara’s done. And at some point you gotta make a decision and move forward.”

“Every time I have to say something about my marriage, it’s still very hard for me, because I got two kids, two sons there, with a woman that I still love,” he explained. “So it’s not easy. So when I say stuff like ’I’ve got to start acting like a husband,’ it’s like, wow, did I just say that? Tara’s going to see that. I’m going to have to face that fact that Tara’s going to be with another man soon and move on. That’s probably one of the most painful things I’ll ever have to do in my life.”

Fans might think Peter’s got a hypocritical attitude about his baby mama, but he actually isn’t that deluded. Wouldn’t it be fair, we asked him, for Tara to move on, since he’s been with Amina this whole time? “Oh, yeah,” he says. “She deserves the best man in the world. I hope that happens and she finds her a guy that’s not in this business that’s so head over heels for her and accepts my kids in the same way and is a nice, nice guy and treats her better than I did. I absolutely want that. But I’d be a liar to tell you it’s not gonna hurt. That’s just being honest.”

[Photos: VH1/Getty Images]