Will Love & Hip Hop‘s Saigon Be In The Entourage Movie?

Love & Hip Hop is not Saigon’s first foray into television. The rapper first made a name for himself appearing on HBO’s Entourage — a job that was both “a gift and a curse,” he tells us, because it meant his new fans assumed he was an actor who was trying to rap, rather than a rapper who happened to fall into a great acting gig. And now with the news that there’s an Entourage movie happening, and filming begins next month, we wanted to know if Saigon would return to the show that first put him on the map for many people. Oh, and just because we were curious, we asked if Saigon ever talked hip hop with Entourage’s producer, Mark Wahlberg. His response: “Don’t mention Marky Mark to Mark Wahlberg.”

With the news that the Entourage movie is really happening, are you interested in being in it?

Hell yeah! I’ve been texting and tweeting [show creator] Doug [Ellin] every day like, “Doug, I’ll play a homeless person if you want me to!” I was talking to him yesterday. I was like, “Doug, I’m hot again! It might make sense, Doug!”

Do you consider Entourage your big break?

I consider that my sneak attack, because I didn’t see it coming, I don’t think Mark Wahlberg or Doug knew that show would be what it ended up being. It was definitely a gift and a curse. It took me from being an underground rapper who was bubbling at the time, and it made me this huge star. Most people who’ve seen it think I’m an actor acting like a rapper, so when I’m trying to push my music on people, they didn’t take me serious. It was like oh, this actor’s trying to be a rapper, and I’m like, no, no, no! I was rapping first and they found me! But I wouldn’t change it, it was the ultimate experience and I learned a lot about professionalism. I love those guys.

Did you talk hip hop with Mark Wahlberg?

I tried but he doesn’t like that. Don’t mention Marky Mark to Mark Wahlberg.