Mob Wives: New Blood Episode 2 Recap: Dead Silence

This episode of Mob Wives: New Blood kicks off when Renee heads to Philly to visit Alicia at her boutique to see if Alicia will start carrying her line of Mob Candy shoes. You’ve gotta love the design of some of this footwear, it is so Renee.

Alicia loves the shoes and thinks they’re a perfect fit for her store’s aesthetic.

Renee asks Alicia how her husband Eddie is doing in jail, and Alicia jokes that Eddie warned her not to let Renee get her into too much trouble. Renee and Eddie are lifelong friends and she’s as sad as Alicia to see him locked up. Separation has only made Alicia’s devotion to her hubby stronger though and she shows off hr new tattoo of Eddie’s name on her wrist, and explains he got her name too.

Renee’s been sporting some new ink too, so they compare.

Then Alicia gets a little more into her story of why she herself is in trouble with the law. She explains that her family ran a successful trucking company, and she was responsible for doing the books because “If I was doing them, they would be done correctly. Or so I thought.” She, along with eight others, was arrested in embezzlement charges and she plead guilty. “The day the feds came was the worst day of my life,” she tells Renee. “I love my husband but I’m not happy about the situation he put me in.”

Later, she and Drita meet up to compare stories and they both realize their husbands kept them in the dark about their shady dealings. “I had no idea he was leading a double life,” Alicia says.

Ang and Drita meet for a spa day to discuss Renee’s Mob Candy launch, and the conversation turns immediately to Natalie. Ang is still wary and says “The first impression I got of her wasn’t that f—ing good. I thought she was a wacko.”

Ang’s bigger concern is how close Renee and Natalie seem to have gotten, because she knows Natalie likes to party and drink, and Renee is in recovery. “When you get out of rehab, you’re not supposed to hang out with people who get f—ed up in the daytime too.”

Drita agrees and thinks Renee should just turn all of her focus on her business because owning your own business is hard enough without outside problems. Drita herself is having issues with her own store.

“There’s a stalker at my store, stalking the f— outta me,” she says. This man comes into her store, harasses her employees and always asks for Drita.

“I don’t like the sound of this,” Ang says. “She better really watch her ass.”

“I’m not scared of no-motherf—ing-body,” Drita says.

Renee texts Drita and Ang to invite them to lunch with her and Ang realllly doesn’t want to go. Drita’s not thrilled about hanging out with Natalie again either.

Later, Natalie and her boyfriend London have dinner together to talk about meeting them, and Natalie really just wishes she was given more of a chance because she overheard Ang and Drita talking about her at the launch party and she doesn’t like to be talked about.

“I just thought older women had more class. And obviously they show no class.”

Natalie tells London that Drita might want to watch it because “She’s never met nobody like me before.”

“If you’re gonna jump off, I’m gonna finish it. Bring it,” she says.

Drita wasn’t kidding about this guy stalking her store and her employees. When she gets to work, one of the girls in her store tells her he returned and was hovering over her, standing behind the counter and looking at the cash register. She was scared, and Drita flips out. “Why didn’t you call me?” she asks. Drita then calls Lee to tell him about it, and you know that means things are getting serious.

Lee assures Drita that if she calls him, he will be there in two minutes to handle the situation. “I just want him scared like she’s scared,” she says.

“After everything I’ve been through, I know that violence is not the answer but…yes, it is.”

As if Drita wasn’t agitated enough, she now has her lunch with Renee and Natalie, and Natalie is pissed off straight out of the gate. She tells Renee that she knows the women were talking about her and she doesn’t appreciate that kind of thing. In the midst of all her angry talk, she manages to flawlessly reapply her lip gloss with the help of a butter knife and I can’t help but admire the fact that this is clearly not her first time doing that.

“Drita’s not the chick she wants to go there with,” Renee says after listening to Natalie rail on her new acquaintance. Renee situates herself in the center of the table to mediate the situation, and as soon as Drita sits down, Natalie lays into her, telling her she’s offended at the implication she was drunk when they first met. (“It’s better to be drunk than be a dickhead!” Drita says. Words to live by!)

“I’m trying to figure out, are we fighting, motherf—er?” Drita asks. “’Cause I really don’t wanna hurt the new face of Mob Candy!”

“If I don’t like you or if I have something bad to say, I have no f—ing problem saying it,” Drita assures Natalie. Natalie says she’s the same way. Great, we can all agree on something, let’s get lunch!

Just kidding, this isn’t over yet. We’re clearly dealing with two hard-headed women and neither of them is going to take what the other has to say without a grain of salt. Or a shaker of salt. Or one of those trucks the city uses to salt the streets in the winter.

“Guess what? I’m from South Philly and nobody’s gonna f— with me and I’m not gonna stand down to nobody,” Natalie says.

Poor Renee. Her attempts at mediating didn’t go so great.

Alicia is doing what she can to work on her own legal defense, and that includes listening to hours of wiretapped phone calls. The feds recorded her and Eddie’s calls and she’s listening to them all to find evidence that might help clear her name. The problem is that there’s a lot of personal stuff in those calls, a lot of conversations Alicia has to hear that make her realize Eddie wasn’t the perfect husband she thought he was. Calls where he’s talking to other women, making plans to go to strip clubs…it’s painful for her to hear.

“It’s just lie after lie after lie after lie,” she says. “The more I listen to this, I can’t even believe what I’m hearing.” One of the things that shocks Alicia the most is learning that Eddie and one of his exes, a woman named Carla who works on Renee’s Mob Candy line, have kept in touch throughout their marriage.

The kicker? Renee knew about Eddie’s friendship with Carla and even hung out with them. “I’m literally sick to my stomach,” Alicia says after learning this.

“I’m gonna ask Renee what went down.”

Renee meets again with Drita and Ang to find out exactly what their issue is with Natalie, and again, they explain that they just think she’s trouble. So Renee takes their concerns back to Natalie, who’s response is:

Renee doesn’t want Natalie to not be herself, but after seeing Natalie’s attitude and feisty ways, Renee lays down the law at least for their professional relationship. “As long as I’m the boss there will be no bulls—.”

“I’m mature, I can handle it. It’s a dead issue,” Natalie says. “Honestly, I’m over it.”

Drita’s decided to install a security system at her store to keep her stalker at bay, and as she’s discussing this with the security guy, guess who shows up.

As soon as she spots him, she bugs out. Literally. Like, eyes bugging out of her head.

“Are you the guy that keeps coming and bothering my girls?” she asks him. “’Cause I don’t like that.” And then this guy craps his pants and actually runs away. Correction, he jogs away. And honestly, that’s the best thing he could have done, Drita says. Because he didn’t want to feel her wrath.

Alicia has decided to confront Renee over some of the information she’s gleaned from the wiretaps. “Rule number one, don’t listen to the wire taps!” Renee says. “Because you’re gonna find s— you weren’t looking for.”

Alicia tells Renee she heard Carla Marino on the tapes talking to Eddie, and worse than that, she heard Renee on the tapes too. Renee’s face when she hears this:

“What the f— am I doing on her husband’s tapes?” Renee asks. Alicia gives Renee the details of the call — it wasn’t her VOICE on the tapes so much as a reference to her, from when Eddie made dinner plans with Carla, who happened to mention she was with Renee at the moment. Alicia grills Renee about how many times this happened that Eddie took her and Carla to dinner.

“Why are you making me feel like I did something wrong when I did nothing?” Renee asks. Alicia wants to know to find out more about Eddie and Carla’s relationship, and Renee explains “Do you really think I’m gonna rat on anybody?”

Alicia has a right to be upset but at this point it seems like her anger and frustration might be misdirected. Unfortunately she leaves the conversation unsatisfied. “I think Renee’s full of s— right now.”