Chrissy & Mr. Jones Sneak Peek: Master Chef

Jim isn’t against expanding his horizons when it comes to doing something nice for Chrissy. But does he has the skills to create a gourmet meal for his lovely lady?

Jim’s idea is to shock Chrissy during a night on the town in Miami. He wants to take her to dinner, excuse himself from the table, head into the restaurant’s kitchen, and totally throw it down to make a banging meal for his lady! Ahead of the actual execution of his plan, Jimmy goes to a gourmet cooking school to flex his culinary chops.

He has a private lesson with a chef, preparing a shrimp salad with sunflower sprouts, tasting oysters for the first time (Jim wasn’t feeling it), and having an odd encounter with a lobster as he starts making the main course. But during the cooking class, Jim starts to doubt that he can actually give Chrissy the meal she truly deserves.

Come on Jim, we believe in you! And we know Chrissy would love that her man was willing to go to such lengths to show his affection. So will Jimmy end up being proud of his romantic gesture? Find out on the next episode of Chrissy & Mr. Jones, Monday at 9/8c on VH1.