The King Of The South Saves The King Of The North On T.I. & Tiny: Holiday Hustle Special

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On tonight’s very special T.I. & Tiny: Holiday Hustle Christmas special, T.I. and the rest of the Harris family saved Santa. But let’s back up a bit to recap how that came about.

See, Tip was about to settle in to a lovely Christmas Eve with the fam when they were paid a visit by Cyrus, an elf with good intentions and a terrible grasp of street slang. Cyrus informed Tip that Santa Claus was missing and the only person who could save the King of the North Pole was the King of the South. Hence, an adventure to the chilly North Pole in a pimped out, candy-cane-striped van.

Along the route to saving Santa, the family meets some unruly elves, Jack Frost, who’s basically a cross between Richard Branson and Hugh Hefner, and three reindeer from the “B” team who have seen a lot of living in their day. We compiled the animated versions of the entire Harris family right here, so check out the photos and watch the full episode now in the gallery above! Happy Harris Holidays!