Hashtag This: VH1’s Funniest Trending Topics Of 2013

There were plenty of big news stories of 2013, from Kirk and Rasheeda’s marriage breakdown on Love & Hip Hop Atlanta, to Stevie J. and Joseline’s marriage, to the CrazySexyCool success of the TLC biopic. But along with those big stories came even greater hashtags and trending topics. While fans watched the biggest VH1 shows this year, you also followed along on Twitter and gave us some of the best, funniest reading material in the form of entertaining trending topics. Without context, some of these make no sense at all, but when you go back and watch the scenes that they came from, it’s fun to relive them. Check out our list below to try and remember why all of Twitter was buzzing about “Polar Bear” during the TLC movie and talking about “lettuce” during Love & Hip Hop Atlanta.

Life Partner Gang

“Life Partner Gang” trended during the season two finale of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta because it’s the phrase Stevie J used to describe the fluid, boundary-free relationships he has with the various women in his life. The only problem? It’s never a great idea to ask your two most recent loves to enter into a weird three-way relationship that neither of them want any part of.
Big Diva

The weirdest moment, maybe in all of Basketball Wives history, was when the world met Big Diva. When Tasha Marbury held a grand opening of her weave bar in Brooklyn, unbeknownst to her the salon’s mascot started making the rounds. And nothing says classy sew-ins like an enormous puppet head. “Imagine Big Diva in the hood the hood of Brooklyn — like, somebody is going to kick Big Diva in the f—ing neck,” was Evelyn’s only reaction to Big Diva.

Head of Lettuce

Stevie J has a way with words. At the end of season two of LHH, he still felt like he had a fighting chance with Mimi and so he took her to lunch, asked her to cook him a steak and then asked for some lettuce. You know, like a “head of lettuce.” The term caught on and trended throughout the show. Mimi was less thrilled about the request.

Is a Pig Pork

Once again, this turn of phrase owes a debt of gratitude to Stevie J. Along with “Does the Pope wear a funny hat?” “Does a bear s— in the woods?” Stevie added “Is a pig pork?” to the list of rhetorical questions one asks when they can’t be bothered to just say yes. This was his romantic response to Joseline when she asked him if he loved her, by the way.

Joe Budden 27

It’s not shocking to see a cast member’s name trend during an episode, but during the season premiere of Love & Hip Hop season three, the phrase “Joe Budden 27” was what you were all writing about. What was with the 27? It’s how old Joe claimed to be as he threw his “27th birthday party.” No, we didn’t believe it either.

Darryl and Debra

These names might seem unfamiliar at first glance, but they’re the real names of Lil’ Scrappy and Momma Dee, and they were revealed during a conversation in episode 15 of season two on LHH ATL. When Scrappy entered rehab to get over his drug addiction, he was visited by Momma Dee and they had a heart to heart about their family and how it impacted his drug use. In the clip above, watch as they get real with one another and reveal their real names. “All right Darryl.” “Chill out Debra.”

Richard Duncan

Black Ink Crew fans could not stop tweeting when they learned the real name of O’S—t. No one saw “Richard Duncan” coming.

You a Mormon

When Saigon learned that his friend Peter Gunz was married to Amina and living with Tara, his only reaction was “Your wife knows you’re married to your wife? You a Mormon, bro.”


“Chipotle” trends almost every Monday at 8pm thanks to it’s biggest fan, Cyn Santana.

Polar Bear

When Andre Rison appeared on screen during CrazySexyCool: The TLC Story this past October, the only thing fans could say was “polar bear” on account of that sweet, white fur coat he had on in the film. This one still makes us laugh.