Welcome To Miami: The Top Moments From This Week’s Chrissy & Mr. Jones

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As the summer winds down, Jim gets ready to say goodbye to Pudie. He also feels it’s time to do something special for Chrissy, since she’s been balancing domestic duties along with business. So he plans a trip for them to Miami, but with a romantic twist.

Jim arranges to cook a meal in a South Beach restaurant, creating a diversion while he and Chrissy are dining out. He has a hard time pulling off the stunt, especially when Chrissy begins to wonder why her man is acting so oddly.

Meanwhile, Pudie stays with Mama Jones, with grandmother and grandson getting into mischief as usual! The summer definitely ends on a great note for the Jones family, and it’s clear that they’ll have memories for years to come!

What were your favorite moments from the season finale of Chrissy & Mr. Jones? Tell us below in the comments!