Sage Advice: What Kinds Of Wisdom Are Coming From The Moms Of VH1’s Stars?

With the holidays fast approaching, we can’t help but wonder how we would’ve ever gotten through this crazy year without our moms. Well, our actual moms and the moms of our favorite VH1 reality stars! Just days after the season finale of Chrissy & Mr. Jones, we’re still thinking about how much Mama Jones taught us about the hustling game (just peep the video above).

So what have we learned from the other mothers who’ve shown up on VH1 shows? And what kinds of advice would we be likely to ask them for?

  • hwood_exes

  • momma_dee

  • Mama Jones

  • mama_dollaz

  • Nadine-1374776025

Browse through our gallery to see which moms touched our hearts, gave us laughs, and kept it real. And while you’re spending the holidays with your family, don’t forget to bring a little bit of maternal sassiness with you!

Which other VH1 moms do you love? Tell us below in the comments!