Mob Wives: New Blood Episode 3 Recap: Dead To Me

Drita’s domestic life is appearing pretty blissful these days. Lee is back and they’ve decided to do an extravagant renovation of their house and yard, and Lee has settled into his post-jail life nicely, opening up a sports memorabilia store and loving his job. When Drita tells Ang all of this, Ang is thrilled. “Good. Now he’s a normal person!”

“I hope he stays normal!” Drita replies.
Alicia is still getting over the fact that some of the things she’s heard on the wire taps have not painted her husband Eddie in a flattering light. “The man I married was living a double life,” she says. She’s also dealing with the fact that her oldest son, Anthony, is heading to college soon and there will be no real man of the house.

She’s leaning on her brother (also named Anthony) for support now more than ever and confides in him how hurt she is by Eddie’s betrayal.

“All I’m trying to do is keep it together for my boys,” she says.
While Alicia’s trying to keep her family together over the wire tap situation, Renee’s just trying not to lose her s—. Alicia told her she heard her on the wire tap and insinuated that Renee knew about Eddie’s infidelities, and Renee is not happy to be involved in any of this. “Alicia’s interrogation has got me twisted.”

Renee meets her friend Nikole to tell her what’s happening with all of that because they both go way back with Eddie. She’s angry that Alicia’s accusations imply that Renee should have come to her or that perhaps Renee was involved in keeping secrets from her, but Renee says she’s not a rat and she says “my loyalty is crystal clear, I will always choose Edward’s side.” The issue annoys her and she warns “If she brings this up again, it ain’t gonna be nice.”
Renee has other things to worry about these days anyway, like getting back into the dating field. She’s a little rusty, she explains, but she’s excited for a date she has in Little Italy with a hot piece named Michael.

There’s a mutual attraction and a lot of flirting going on, but there’s one small detail that Renee’s concerned with. Michael has no idea about her family, and the fact that she’s part of the lifestyle. On the date, she tells Michael the truth. “My father is the real thing,” she says, explaining that he’s in jail now.

“I don’t care about your past…I don’t care about that. I’m here for you,” Michael tells her.

“This is too good to be f—ing true,” Renee swoons.
Renee and Alicia haven’t seen each other since Alicia confronted Renee about the wire taps, but now she’s invited all the girls to her house for dinner and she’s still feeling like there are issues they haven’t resolved.

As they all sit down to dinner, Alicia brings up the tapes and Renee gives her a look of death.

“REALLY? We’re going to talk about these f—ing wire taps again?”

Alicia tells the girls how she heard Eddie make plans to go to dinner with Renee and their friend Carla, and Ang and Drita are actually not on Renee’s side when they hear the details. “I don’t know what Renee was thinking,” Ang says.

Renee spies Drita giving her the eye and asks “What the f— are you looking at me like that for?”

“I don’t think her husband should be hanging around with his ex-girlfriend,” Drita says. “My husband hangs out with his ex-girlfriend, they’re both f—ing dead.”

“My issue’s not with you!” Alicia tells Renee, but she’s heated enough that it seems like she’s still resentful of Renee. “I don’t blame her, I don’t blame you, I’m just telling you what I heard.”

Alicia was upset enough to email Eddie and tell him what she found out on the tapes, and things get even worse when he sends her a letter back, owning up to everything.

“I have not been the man that you always thought I was,” the letter says. “I’m a complete failure as a husband.”

The letter means a lot to Alicia, but she remains guarded because she’s not sure if it’s another manipulation by her husband. “Despite everything my husband has put me through, I have stood by his side, I have been loyal to him, and I can’t help but wonder if I’m making a huge mistake.”
Its time for a girls’ night out, and all five of the women get together for drinks to have fun and party (and for Natalie to prove Ang’s first impression of her as a sloppy drunk wrong).

Remember, Natalie works in a funeral home, so she explains “After being at work with all the dead bodies all week, I need to come alive this weekend!”

Natalie downs some shots and starts getting loud, calling all the other girls “whores.” “I’m watching Natalie and I’m thinking to myself, she’s a little out of f—ing control right now,” Renee says.

“She thinks calling someone a f—ing whore is normal. She’s like ’Hey whore!’ What the f— is that s—?” Drita asks. Natalie says whore is just a term for a sexy women and it’s a compliment. “It means you could be a whore but you’re not.”

Renee starts to get worried because her date, Michael, is joining them for their night out and she doesn’t want any weirdness from Natalie about him. Too late! As Natalie is introduced to Michael she gives him a double kiss and tells him he smells delicious. “Fall the f— back!” Renee tells her.

Renee decides to leave with Michael because “I’m with a man I like, I’m not trying to let him see the f—ing crazy right now.”

Natalie chases Renee and Michael out of the club and tries to explain that she meant no harm but it’s too late for that.

“So Renee doesn’t think that going out with my husband when I’m eight months pregnant with another girl is a big deal, but Natalie calling her man delicious is? I’m lost,” Alicia says.

“I thought Natalie was a mini-me. But you know what? A mini-me would never disrespect another woman like that. So you know what? She’s nothing like me,” Renee says.

Renee’s not the only one with an issue though. Natalie’s not okay with how the night played out either and she doesn’t like to be disrespected or made to feel like someone’s puppet. “That bitch is f—ing dead to me.”