13 Most GIF-Able Moments Of 2013

VH1 shows are always ripe for GIF-able moments. 2013 proved to be no different thanks to the cast of characters that broadcast on our channel all year. From Yandy to Big Ang, everyone got their GIF action on. Here are all our favorites moments from Hit The Floor, Mob Wives, Love & Hip Hop, Off Pitch and Black Ink Crew. It was a fun year, y’all!

1. Remember when Stevie J made it rain and everyone was like, “Oh damn!” This was one reunion that got heated.

2. Also bringing the heat this year was Hit The Floor. Those girls were on fire!

3. But it wasn’t just the ladies who were heating up the screen. The men of the show had so many abs and pecs and everything nice that we couldn’t stop staring.

4. If there was one way to describe how it felt at times when watching HTF, it was this woman’s reaction to getting a tattoo on Black Ink Crew. Of all the faces…

5. But she wasn’t the only one sexing things up. Remember Yandy’s sexy dance?

6. All we can say is, “Rawr!”

8. However, things weren’t all sexy or fun: Lil’ Mama burnt down the house.

9. Rasheeda’s mom ran over Kirk’s motorcycle in a fit of rage.

10. The Mob Wives brawled.

11. And everyone called everyone else a “Ratchet Ass Bitch.”

12. Even the happy-go-lucky performers of Grand River Singers struggled from time to time.

13. But in the end, it was a good year. And like Big Ang, it’s time pour ourselves a drink!

[GIFs: VH1 and RealityTVGIFs]