What Were The Biggest Trends Of 2013?

From catchphrases to hairstyles to the emergence of the side wife, 2013 was a year full of new trends. In this list, the VH1 staff has taken a look back at some of the craziest behavior, the silliest insults and the most popular looks of the year to bring you the biggest trends of 2013 from all your favorite VH1 shows. Bad idea tattoos? Check. Marrying your side piece? Check. Calling anyone and everyone “ratchet”? Check! Read on to see the rest of the list.


We think Nicki Minaj started this one when she called out Kirk Frost’s cheating behavior as “cornball,” but the term caught on, especially in reference to Rich Dollaz. Seems like everyone — K.Michelle, Cyn Santana, and especially Nya Lee — have called Rich a cornball or corny at some point this year. — Liz Black


There were two big hair trends of the past year: bright red hair (some might call it Ronald McDonald-colored, even) and braids. Red hair has been a thing for a while now, it just seems like it’s caught on among several cast members on Love & Hip Hop lately, but braids seem to be a verifiable Summer of 2013 trend and everyone was getting them. — Liz Black

Gym Selfies

From La La documenting her 60 days of fitness challenge to Benzino trying to convince us that everybody smiles for the camera when they’re sweaty, mid-workout photography was huge in 2013. Consider it a motivator—bodies like this don’t come without hard work. And in some cases, like The Game, it’s just fun to look at them. — Emily Exton

Recording Studio: A Cheater’s Paradise

It used to be hotel rooms and clandestine apartments. But now, at least in the world of Love & Hip Hop, the cheating happens in recording studios.
From Love & Hip Hop Atlanta’s Stevie J cheating with Joseline and Che Mack to Rich Dollaz and Erica Mena to Peter Gunz and Amina, recording studios have provided cheaters with the perfect cover and the best place to press new buttons and turn knobs.  It must be the soundproofed walls. — Ted Reyes

Using Housewares As Weapons

When words aren’t enough as a weapon to get your point across, sometimes we revert back to our childhood ways and throw a temper tantrum. When K.Michelle had had enough of Rasheeda on Love & Hip Hop Atlanta, she grabbed the closest thing to her, which happened to be a burning candle, and threw it right at her head. In comparison, when Erica Mena could no longer stand listening to Peter Gunz, she threw a plate at his head and yelled, “You can’t handle my mouth, mother f—er!” which then became her catchphrase. And Suzie Ketcham’s old beef with Kenya Bell came back to live during season five of Basketball Wives and in the season finale, she attacked Kenya with a plate of meatballs. Time to start gluing down all the household projectiles. — Katie Meena

Making It Rain

There’s an ongoing money drought in the Love & Hip Hop universe  and the only solution is to make it rain. And that’s what they did.
At the Love and Hip Hop Atlanta season 2 reunion, Stevie J threw greenbacks at Nikko with bad intentions. In this new season of Love & Hip Hop New York, K.Michelle flashed some dough at a club in Harlem, while Erica Mena showered Nya Lee with cash and curses. —Ted Reyes

Bad Idea Tattoos

Ask the cast of Black Ink Crew and they’ll tell you straight up, it’s never a good idea to get your significant other’s name tatted on your skin. Even if you’re married, you just shouldn’t do it. But even a seasoned tattoo artist can break his own rules. Case in point, Ceaser and Dutchess got matching king and queen chess pieces on their hands, only to have their relationship unravel immediately after. Then there was Erica Mena’s “R” for Rich Dollaz that she had the Crew cover up for her, and Amina’s “Mrs. Pankey” tattoo that shocked the world, but made us worry all the same because that’s a marriage that’s built on a shaky foundation to begin with… — Liz Black


This is actually just a term we wish would die out in 2014. It’s been said quite enough in 2013 to last us for the rest of our lives. At some point, everyone’s been called ratchet or thrown that term around and it’s officially worn out its welcome. — Liz Black

Crossover Appeal

There were a lot of VH1 folks visiting other shows this year. As we mentioned, Erica Mena needed help from the Black Ink Crew to erase the memory of Rich Dollaz from her hand when she appeared on their show, but she was one of many crossover artists. From Bambi’s infamous appearance at the lake house to K.Michelle’s move from Love & Hip Hop Atlanta to New York to Stevie J. showing up at Tami’s cosmetics launch on Basketball Wives, some of our stars enjoyed playing the field. —Liz Black

Side Chicks Winning

In 2013, mistresses all over the world celebrated when they realized that there was indeed hope for them. Thanks to Joseline Hernandez and Amina Buddafly, side pieces everywhere realized that maybe they too can get a ring and take a walk down the aisle after all and take their rightful place as a side wife. — Liz Black