Rasheeda And Karlie Discuss The Grand Opening of “Threads for THOTs” in This Week’s Check Yourself

This week on Love & Hip Hop Check Yourself, Karlie gets possessed by the holy spirit while Rasheeda winds up and throws mad shade.

Rasheeda and Erica had a very different take on Karlie Redd’s boutique’s grand opening than Karlie and Jessica Dime. When Karlie decided to open Merci boutique without Erica’s knowledge, things went left immediately, and the former business partners became instant rivals. In this week’s Love & Hip Hop Atlanta: Check Yourself episode, Rasheeda shades the store, calling it “Threads for THOTs,” while Karlie can’t get over the length of the line to get into the grand opening. Clearly everything is in the eye of the beholder. But what you really need to watch out for in this clip is the moment Karlie gets overtaken by the holy spirit.