Puma And Quani’s Mom Face Off On The Black Ink Crew Season Finale

We’ve seen Puma get grilled by Quani’s mother before, but we figured he already had his soon-to-be in-law’s blessing… since they’re getting married and all. Eh, not exactly. On Monday night’s season finale of Black Ink Crew Puma can’t seem to enjoy a few hours of peace in paradise before the ceremony, without getting into a blow-up with the other Denise.

“You’ve never respected me,” he tells her, after referring to her earlier behavior as a “Momma Dee moment.” (Hello, Ms. Queen of the South!) We love it when our shows reference each other, don’t you? See what Quani’s mother has to say for herself in the clip above, and decide whether or not this destination wedding will actually happen.

Be sure to tune in to the season finale of Black Ink Crew on Monday December 23 at 9:30 pm ET/PT.