The Best Nail Designs Of 2013

  • denise-vasi

    Denise Vasi [Photo: Instagram]

  • tasha-marbury

    Tasha Marbury [Photo: Instagram]

  • letoya-luckett

    LeToya Luckett [Photo: Instagram]

  • draya-classicred

    Draya Michele [Photo: Instagram]

  • rasheeda

    Rasheeda [Photo: Instagram]

  • raqi-lhh

    Raqi Thunda [Photo: Instagram]

  • olivia-lhh

    Olivia [Photo: Instagram]

  • mimi-hotpink-hotsauce

    Mimi Faust [Photo: Instagram]

  • lala-powerpink

    La La [Photo: Instagram]

  • lala-olympics

    La La [Photo: Instagram]

  • lala-marley

    La La [Photo: Instagram]

  • lala-leopard

    La La [Photo: Instagram]

  • lala-gold

    La La [Photo: Instagram]

  • lala-dollars

    La La [Photo: Instagram]

  • lala-chanel

    La La [Photo: Instagram]

  • lala-blue

    La La [Photo: Instagram]

  • lala-black-gold

    La La [Photo: Instagram]

  • lala-barbie

    La La [Photo: Instagram]

  • kimbella-summernails

    Kimbella [Photo: Instagram]

  • joseline

    Joseline [Photo: Instagram]

  • jennifer-williams

    Jennifer Williams [Photo: Instagram]

  • jen-the-pen

    Jen The Pen [Photo: Instagram]

  • evelyn-lozada

    Evelyn Lozada [Photo: Instagram]

  • dutchess-black

    Dutchess [Photo: Instagram]

  • dutchess-1

    Dutchess [Photo: Instagram]

  • Alicia-Garafalo

    Alicia Garafalo [Photo: Instagram]

  • renee-graziano-tami-roman

    Renee Graziano [Photo: Instagram]

The ladies of VH1 are known for their killer style — from being on-trend with their hair, their clothes, their lips, and perhaps most of all, their nails. In this year’s roundup of the best nail designs, you can expect lots of jewels, sparkles, tributes to some of your all-time favorite brands as well as a mix of classic style and intricate design work. There’s a wide array of talent sporting the hottest nail designs. From the Mob Wives to the Love & Hip Hop crew all the way down to fashionistas like La La Anthony (a champ in this category if there ever were one). Enjoy…and Happy New Year to both you and your cuticles.