Mob Wives: New Blood Episode 5: Cuckoo For Cocoa Puffs

“See that word delicious? Grapes are. Strawberries are.” The one thing that is not delicious is the man sitting next to Renee Graziano. This one little word has set Renee in a tailspin of Natalie-hate, and on their girls’ trip to Las Vegas, the fight that ensued between Renee and Natalie was nothing short of vicious. When Renee stands up to get in Natalie’s face, things become so heated that she throws a bucket onto the table, shattering Alicia’s glass and place setting, and at this point all the women just become spectators to her unraveling.
At one point, Drita attempts to kill the situation by yelling at Renee and telling her she’s over this conversation, but that only sets Renee off even more. The last straw might have been Natalie calling Renee’s new clothing line Mob Candy, “tacky,” and that’s when Renee tried to hold back but lost it.

“Guess what, honey, I’m not a f—ing puppet, I’m a grown f—ing woman,” Natalie continued. Natalie explains that she has tried to apologize for the “delicious” comment many times, and Renee is choosing not to hear it, and that’s when Renee attacked.
One more time, let’s slow it down.

Normally when these kinds of fights break out and they have to be broken up, that’s that, but after Drita makes an attempt to make nice between the two women, Renee calms down — briefly — and says she’s letting it all go. The delicious comment, everything. But as soon as there’s a calm moment, Natalie remarks, “I’m a puppet. I’m just waiting for somebody to pull my strings,” Renee lunges for her again.

“This is absolutely ridiculous, I’m totally out of my comfort zone,” Alicia remarks. “The way I was raised, women don’t act like this.”

“I’m f—ing stunned,” Drita says of the events that just unfolded. And to be fair, even though we’ve seen a lot of fights on Mob Wives, we’ve never seen Renee like this before. “They ain’t gonna be able to get past this, I’ll tell you that right now.”

“At this point I do think that they’re going to hurt each other, I don’t think it’s going to stop here,” Alicia says.

“Do you guys realize this was breakfast? Not in a club, drunk, anyone whacked out?” Drita asks Ang and Alicia when they escape to the pool. “This is the only group of women that can end up with a brawl over breakfast because of one word. It’s so demented.”
Drita suggests that Ang and Alicia go check in on Renee while she heads off to find Natalie. When Ang finds Renee, shes out cold, asleep in bed, which is probably for the best. Drita finds Natalie at the bar and they both wonder how Renee could have thought that Natalie wouldn’t fight back and stand up for herself. After all, Renee’s first impression was that Natalie was her Mini-Me, and Renee is not one to let someone walk all over her. “I’m nothing like that. I’m crazy,” Natalie says, but that’s off the wall.”

“Renee went from mentor to mental,” Natalie adds.

The next day, Renee is feeling a hundred times better and admits that getting physical with Natalie was a bad idea. But she’s still angry at her and still holds a grudge. But to put her in a better mood, the girls go to the Mob history attraction in Vegas to have some fun, and Renee is loving it, mainly because Natalie isn’t there. During the visit, Renee pulls Drita aside to vent more about Natalie, and when Drita applauds Natalie for standing up for herself, Renee gets annoyed that Drita’s not “100% in her corner.”

“She pushed every single button I have yesterday,” Renee says. “You wanna nose-to-nose me and dare me? What do you think I am, a punk? Do you think I’m a punk?”

“Renee, look,” Drita tells her, “You both can move past this…Just put it behind you and start from fresh.”

“I’ll handle her the way I f—ing want to,” Renee says.

Renee decides to handle it maturely by calling Natalie and asking her to talk, alone. Unfortunately, Natalie just arrived at the pool to hang out with the rest of the girls and she’s not feeling it. She declines, telling Renee she’s not in the right headspace for a one-on-one conversation. The rest of the girls think she should go chat with Renee because they’re basically shocked that Renee even attempted to call her at all. “I don’t want to get into it right now,” Natalie tells them. “I don’t want you guys to feel uncomfortable,” she tells the women.
“But we DO!” Ang responds.

“You don’t f—ing get it. I just need everybody to leave me the f— alone!” Natalie tells them.

“I reached out to Natalie and she blew ME off? Well, f— her,” is Renee’s response to this whole shebang. “You’re either with me or you’re against me, and if you’re against me, you’re f—ed.”