Floyd Mayweather’s Epic Manny Pacquiao Win Is A Good Enough Reason For T.I. To End Their Beef

Tip proves he's #neverbeenahater.

T.I. seems like the kind of guy who can get along with everybody, but for the past year he’s had beef with his old buddy Floyd Mayweather. From brawling at a fast food joint to unflattering (and untrue) references to Tip’s wife Tiny, things have been cold between the former friends for over a year.

But following Mayweather’s Fight of the Century win over Manny Pacquiao this weekend, T.I. has decided to bury the hatchet. VH1’s favorite dad took to Instagram to send his congrats to Mayweather on his victory.

Mayweather, for his part, seemed to appreciate the gesture and offered his thanks.

Awww, see folks? Good things happen when two dudes pummel each other into submission!

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