Love & Hip Hop Episode 9 Recap: You Don’t Run S**t

When one option does not work out for Peter Gunz, he seems to think that another one will come crawling back. The thing is, he’s not wrong. This week, after realizing that Amina was not ready to forgive him (she even threw her wedding ring IN THE TRASH), he went back to Tara to ask her for forgiveness and ask if he could move back in with her and their two sons. She’s not having it, and tells him as much. “You still love me and you want me to move in with you and the boys,” he says. “No, I don’t. You can move in with your wife,” she responds. So, since Tara is done with him for real, he turned his attention back to Amina and, as you can see, he managed to actually win her over.

Peter calls his friend Dave to help him show the world how he feels about Amina, and when the moment is right, Dave pulls the switch on the old Jumbotron to project a message to Amina:

What follows was the most touching Flickr slideshow Amina has ever seen. She cries and takes him back, hoping that he won’t make her out to be a fool.

Tara is moving on in more than just her romantic life. She’s resuming her acting career which she had put on hold to be with Peter, and Yandy’s given the opportunity to audition for the new movie she’s producing. Tara easily falls into her old acting groove, especially since it allows her to jump a bunch of hot men.

Peter and Tara are reunited and Tara wants no part of them, which means that the show’s other love triangle, Erica-Cyn-Rich, must get more dramatic to compensate. Erica brings Cyn to the studio to confess that she kissed Rich. “My heart just dropped,” Cyn tells Erica.

“No one’s perfect!” Erica says.

“It’s not about being perfect, it’s common f—ing sense!” Cyn tells her. And then she gives her an ultimatum, it’s Rich or her. “If you’re gonna work with him then we’re done.”

When Rich enters, he taunts Cyn, telling her that he’ll “lend” Erica to her when she wants her and that she’s a “pawn in the game of Richie D.” She runs out, leaving Erica to defend Cyn to Rich and break down. “She fights for me the way you never did,” Erica says, and in that moment it seems she realizes all over again why things with Rich never seem to work out.

Saigon and Erica Jean have been in a pretty good place since they made up after their blowout parking lot fight, and now he even wants her to move in so he can be with her and Little B more. “Moving in with him seems kind of risky,” Erica Jean admits, but she’s cautiously optimistic because this means that their son will have both parents around, and that sounds good to both of them.
Joe is also trying to woo Tahiry back, as he has been for a couple weeks now, and the odds are in his favor because Tahiry has come to the realization that they are linked together forever, even as friends, and she’s making an effort to keep things positive with Joe. But Joe is willing to take things further and he decides he wants to get married. He has a serious conversation with his father and tells his dad “I’m ready to propose.” “You have to change your whole lifestyle,” his father says skeptically. “Are you really ready to do that?” Joe is ready, and he confidently says “Tahiry is the woman for me and, not to sound too cocky, I know I’m the one for her.”
Erica has lost Cyn for the time being. Between her kiss with Rich and the way Rich treated her, she’s been distant and Erica wants to win her over. She meets with her jeweler to pick out a pair of earrings for Cyn, but when she gives them to her, Cyn tells Erica she doesn’t want gifts. Erica tries to convince Cyn she’s done with Rich, but Cyn doesn’t quite believe it and she tells Erica, “I have to go. I’ll call you when I’m like, free or something.”

She’s also making things worse with Rich when she decides to schedule a dance rehearsal without tell him — a rehearsal he, as her manager, is responsible for paying for. He stops by to check it out and right away, things go left and they start up their previous fight from the studio. Erica can’t believe Rich would target Cyn and try to be so hurtful, telling him he took things to a hurtful, foolish level. “I can’t afford having Lil’ Chipotle over here distracting her from the business at hand,” Rich says defending himself. “You don’t run s—!” he tells Erica. “YOU. DON’T. RUN. S—, you hear me? I run this f—ing boat.”

“You got it f—ed up,” Erica tells him.

“Then get the f— off if you want to,” he screams.

“I will,” Erica says as she leaves. “F— you. You’re a f—ing a—hole.” And with that, maybe the second love triangle has come crumbling down too.