Love & Hip Hop Sneak Peek: Fake-Ass Friends

Tahiry and Rashidah Ali have always been tight. So tight that Tahiry is one of Rah’s bridesmaids. But this week on Love & Hip Hop, their friendship hits a rough patch when they meet to discuss wedding details and Rashidah “gets real” with Tahiry and offers up her thoughts on why things never work out with Tahiry and Joe, telling Tahiry she has attention issues and daddy issues. Oof. It’s not what Tahiry wants to be discussing and Tahiry asks her “Whose friend are you, mine or Joe’s?” And then Tahiry walks out on her friend. Uh, does this mean she’s stuck with a nasty bridesmaid dress she’ll never wear?

Tune in to Love & Hip Hop on Monday night at 8PM ET/PT to see what happens next.