The Cast Of Black Ink Crew Celebrate One Million Facebook Fans

We knew that fans love Ceaser, Dutchess, Teddy, Puma, Sassy, O’S**t, and Walt, but damn! This is real love right here. One million of you clicked the like button on the Black Ink Crew Facebook page. What can we say, but THANK YOU!

The Season 2 drama was intense: Cease and Dutchess couldn’t stop arguing, Puma got married, Teddy got himself into a messy love triangle, Sassy fended off a nasty (and untrue) rumor, and Walt tried to save O’S**t from himself, the law, and the cadre of baby’s mamas expanded. But for now, let’s celebrate the good news!

You shared your opinions with us, for better or for worse. Keep it coming. PS, can’t get enough of the Wonder Twins.

Turn up, Black Ink Crew style.


O’S**t, don’t look sad. You have ONE MILLION FANS behind you!