Single Ladies Wardrobe Stylist Anthony L. WIlliams Reveals Where To Get The Looks Worn During Episode 2

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When it comes to Single Ladies fashions, Anthony L. Williams is the man with all the information we desire. The designer and wardrobe stylist is offering us his inside info on where all the fashions of season three come from so that fans can get the looks for themselves. Scroll through our gallery for the scoop on all the stores and designers featured on tonight’s episode.

And as an added bonus, watch the clip below to find out what classic movie he derived inspiration from to dress Raquel this week, find out which outfits from this week’s show cost under $50, and learn the difference between “daytime, Baptist cleavage” and “nighttime, I-need-some-help-with-my-rent cleavage.” Like we said, Anthony has all the answers.