Love & Hip Hop Check Yourself, Episode 10: What Makes Tara Blush?

This week on Love & Hip Hop: Check Yourself, Tara watches her date — née, social gathering — with Aaron, his twin, and K.Michelle, play out. In the clip above, find out which part of the episode makes her blush the most, this date, or her “coochie-cutter” jumpsuit that she wore to Rich’s party.

No, it wasn’t the camel-toe-causing onesie she rocked at the Dollaz Unlimited party, it was the kiss with Aaron, of course, but that’s just because she hasn’t been on a date in thirteen years. She does feel a certain type of way about that jumpsuit though…

Later in the clip, Rich explains the true nature of his relationship with Jessica, his Dollaz Unlimited model, and Erica has a few things to say about Jessica (and Tara’s outfit, no one is safe from Erica’s trash talk) herself. Check it!