Take A Peek At Single Ladies Star Lesley-Ann Brandt’s Behind-The-Scenes Photo Album

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Naomi Cox has NOT made a good impression on her Single Ladies co-stars so far. In two short episodes, she has threatened to steal away the fortune of the Franks brothers, and she’s called out Keisha for her jewelry-thieving, video-vixen past. But in real life, the woman who plays Naomi, Lesley-Ann Brandt, has assimilated nicely into the cast and she’s become one of the gang. Brandt generously shared some of her personal behind-the-scenes photos from the set and in addition to her general gorgeousness and amazing wardrobe, we’re also super jealous of how much fun she’s having on the job. Check out all the photos in our gallery featuring LisaRaye McCoy, DB Woodside, and LeToya Luckett. Naomi might be an ice queen, but Lesley-Ann is anything but.

[Photos Courtesy of Lesley-Ann Brandt]