Love & Hip Hop Episode 11 Recap: Grand Gestures

“Will you marry me?”

“Love is trust. And I don’t trust you right now.”

“That’s a no,” Joe realizes, after Tahiry responds to his proposal with a list of reasons she doesn’t feel right about him at this moment. From the foundation on his pillowcase to all of their other trust issues, Tahiry is still wary of him, and she explains, “Sure, I wanted a grand gesture. But not a marriage proposal. It’s either zero or a hundred with this man.”

“Tahiry and I are meant to be together,” Joe says, meaning that even though that’s a no, he’s not willing to take no for an answer. “If that means I have to wait, then wait it is.”

It was a hard decision for Tahiry to make, given that Joe is what she’s always wanted, but for better or worse, at least she had her whole family watching from the sidelines and after Joe leaves her alone in Times Square, she’s not actually alone, they’re all there to comfort her.

Rich is old news for Erica Mena. She has decided, and therefore, it is so. “Why would I want to continue dealing with this messy old man?” she asks. She’s focusing on Cyn now, and it’s Cyn’s birthday, so she throws her bash (complete with Chipotle cake).

For her birthday, Cyn had Chipotle and Patron-inspire cupcakes. [Photo: Instagram]

At her party, Cyn asks for just one gift from Erica. “1000% loyalty.” Erica wants to be loyal, but she tels Cyn that she’s always had baggage from past relationships following her around. Cyn rolls her eyes and tells Erica “I’m over f—ing Rich Pesos.”

“Are you confused?” Cyn asks Erica. She can tell Erica has had feelings for Rich, but she’s not about to play second fiddle to him. Erica tearfully tells her she knows exactly what she wants. She wants Cyn. And when she hangs out with her friend Albee she re-confirms this and assures him that her relationship with Rich has become business-only.

Saigon is ready for the next steps with Erica Jean, and since he wants to move in with her, its time for him to (finally) meet her father. Her dad has never been a fan of Saigon’s since he was essentially M.I.A. during Erica’s pregnancy. Saigon asks Erica’s father for permission to have Erica come live with him, and her dad tells Saigon, “Long as she don’t get hurt, I don’t have no beef with that.”

Erica Mena is an accomplished author, as you may know, and on the eve of the launch of her second book, she throws a party for everyone that’s important to her. Like Rich! And Cyn!

Erica is happy to see Rich there even after their awkward dinner where he professed his love. But as much as Erica swears she’s done with Rich and his efforts are futile, she always LOOKS so happy to see him, doesn’t she? “I can’t ever be fully over you,” she tells him. “I love you to death, no matter who comes into my life.” Hey, speak of the devil, it’s Cyn.

“Hi. Hi. What are we doing?” Cyn asks when she sees Erica smiling and holding Rich’s face. “This is not what I came here for.”

Cyn decides to have a one-on-one with Rich to lay things out there. She asks him to respect her relationship with Erica and keep things professional, i.e. no more kissing in the studio. When Erica shows up, Cyn says things are cool, but Rich has been sitting there silently, waiting for the moment to let loose on Cyn.

“How many times you gonna call me corny?” he asks, and then he calls her a bird that Erica found in the back of XXL, who’s just “borrowing” Erica from him. The torrent he unleashes is cruel and terrible and Erica begs him to stop and kicks him out. She follows him out to have the last word and Rich grabs her and forces himself on her, kissing her face. “You really f—ing tripping,” she tells him and he leaves.

Joe is reeling from his rejection by Tahiry so he seeks advice from his mom because he can’t figure out why Tahiry said no. This whole time, she’s been asking for something extraordinary, she wants “the moon and stars,” and Joe thought he was giving it to her in the form of a ring.

His mom asks “Why was it no?”

“She kept saying last night, ’You’ve gotta prove it, I need to see work.'”

“So it wasn’t a flat-out no,” Faye says. She thinks Tahiry just wants more time for their relationship to flourish before jumping into marriage. Joe’s not done with this situation, he and his mom still see some hope here. “I’ll keep my fingers crossed,” he says. And he’s going to hang on to the ring, just in case.
Saigon is filming his upcoming video with Erica jean and their son and he loves the fact that he’s making the video with his family. He hasn’t moved in with Erica yet, but he feels good about the place they’re in.

“Are you ready to completely have no more women, just us?” Erica asks while they discuss their eventual move-in.

“You know what?” he tells her. “There’s not a vagina in the world that I’m gonna want more than looking at my son every day.” The sentiment is nice. The wording makes us feel funny.

Peter, taking a cue from Saigon, goes apartment hunting with Amina to get a place of their own, and while they look, Amina points out that one of the rooms would make a nice baby nursery. Oh, right. Kids. That’s something you discuss when you’re getting married sometimes.

“I can’t even think about another kid, I can barely take care of the ones I have,” he explains. Amina is shocked when he freaks out about this.

“Peter’s got me looking so crazy,” she says. “Did he really think I wouldn’t want a family?”

“If he’s getting cold feet, then fine. Go freeze yourself to death. By yourself.”

Joe’s mom Faye has been trying to get in touch with Tahiry, and when they finally connect, Tahiry is nervous to talk to her. “It’s time for me to face the music,” she says.

Faye explains that she was really disappointed when Tahiry said no, and Tahiry tells her that the only difference between the proposal and any other day with Joe is that “he brought a ring.” It didn’t mean anything to Tahiry because she still didn’t feel that trust in Joe.

“So you don’t want to marry him,” Faye says. “Now you’re at the end of the road.”

Tahiry shakes her head. “Probably so.”

“You never know where you’re gonna end up,” Faye tells Tahiry optimistically.
Erica is in the studio with Rich (uh ohhhh) to make actual music this time, but during a break she calls him out for his behavior at her party. Rich says everything he did was justified because Cyn was wilding out and being disrespectful, but Erica thinks that the jabs Rich threw at Cyn and the names he called her were worse. “Then you tried to kiss up on me,” Erica says, and Rich is like, whatever, “Yo, we kissed…it was a mutual kiss.” Rich pulls Erica over to him and sits her on his lap and Erica protests… weakly. And they weakly agree that their relationship should remain all business.

Peter is (finally, sort of) trying to own the situation he got himself into with Tara and Amina by apologizing to Tara. It’s clear he was jealous of her date at Rich’s party last week, but he’s also got a habit of running from his problems. Seeing Tara will kill two birds with one stone. When he sees her he jokes about her Lil Kim-inspired outfit, and then he gets serious, acknowledging that he ran from Tara and owes it to her to apologize and make things right. “In my mind I always thought I’d have you no matter what,” he tells her.

“I love you and those boys so much but that’s the bed I made, I have to lie in it.” Peter is genuinely hurt by what he’s done to himself, but it doesn’t change the fact that he’s messed his family up. He did it. And he has to watch them walk away.