Couples Therapy Sneak Peek: “I’ve Already Had Reality TV Kill One Person In My Life”

“In twenty-plus years of doing therapy in Beverly Hills, never in my life have I seen such an entitled tantrum,” Dr. Jenn Berman tells Taylor Armstrong to her face, after last week’s meltdown on Couples Therapy over the heat being turned on in Taylor’s room and the sub-par food she’s been served.

Dr. Jenn can see past the bougie, entitled part of Taylor’s tantrum and wonders what the real issue is, and that’s when Taylor reveals that she’s scared. Scared to lose John, because, as she explains “I’ve already had reality TV kill one person in my life.” Watch the sneak peek to this week’s episode to hear the rest of Taylor’s explanation and find out what’s at the root of her behavior.

Couples Therapy airs Thursday night at 9PM ET/PT.