Mob Wives: New Blood Episode 7 Recap: Malicious And Evil

I’m sorry, could you repeat that? Who’s spreading whose business around?

Here’s something we never really knew about Drita: She gets premonitions. Ever since the girls got back from Vegas, she’s been having nightmares, and they’ve been upsetting enough to her that she calls Ang to tell her that something is about to go down. “I feel like something really bad’s gonna happen,” she says. In her dream, two people crept into her house, and Drita shot them dead. “All my dreams usually mean something,” she explains, which is why this bugs her out so much. Ang is nervous but tries to reassure Drita. “Don’t worry about it. It’s only a dream.” That’s no help to Drita, to her, her dreams always come true in some way or another.

Alicia’s life is still in a state of limbo. Eddie’s sentencing has been postponed, and she still has no idea about her own fate. Her brother, Anthony, comes by to discuss he future should she actually end up in jail. “I would get eaten alive in there,” she says.

“No s—,” Anthony responds. But, he tells her, she needs to prepare for it if, “God forbid, it happens.” Anthony warns Alicia that she could be sentenced and jailed right there in the courtroom. “You never know. Just be ready,” he tells her.

She is anything but ready for that.

This next scene is the best, if only because everyone in it keeps saying “youse guys.” We thought that was just like, a Joe Pesci thing in a Martin Scorcese movie, but no, Drita and Natalie are all about youse. They both head to Ang’s house to rehash what went on in Vegas, a.k.a. the worst f—ing trip ever, because things aren’t sitting right with Natalie about it. “I just want to apologize to youse two,” she says, “because I didn’t want what happened to affect anyone’s trip.” But it did.

Natalie told the women about Renee’s apology to her, which was important and very bog of Renee, but Natalie’s still wary because Renee also followed up by telling Natalie she thought she was just “this little f—ing girl” that she could “talk to any way you want.”

“If you’re going to tell me you’re gonna treat me like somebody just off of the streets, then in my head, you’re treatin’ me like trash,” Natalie explains. “I’m not gonna stand for her treating me like a jerkoff.”

Drita has one question for Natalie after all this: the next time they all get together, “are you guys gonna be okay with each other when that happens?”

You know the saying “I wish I was a fly on the wall in that house?” Well, Ang has a pesky fly buzzing around her dinner table, and we all wish we could be that fly, because the conversations that take place there are hilarious.

Ang has sat down to a meal with her husband Neil, son AJ, and AJ’s pregnant girlfriend Gabby, and they discuss Gabby’s pregnancy. She’s tired all the time and hasn’t been working, and Ang is like “When I was pregnant, I was in bars working till I was nine months!”

Ang wants to carefully broach the subject of having another baby of her own, so when Gabby starts talking about all the high-tech ultrasound machines doctors use now, Ang says “they must be high tech, they’re telling me I could have a baby.”


Drita and Ang meet up and Ang pulls out the newspaper which features a big exposé about Alicia who, because she’s out on bail, should not have left the state to go to Las Vegas. The article features and enormous photo of Alicia alongside Drita. “What the f— is this, Ang???”

Drita thinks this is her dream coming true. If Alicia did go on this trip under shady circumstances, Ang explains that she could end up in jail immediately

“There’s no way Alicia would jeopardize her situation like this and lie to the f—ing judge,” Drita says.

When Alicia sees the article herself she can’t believe her eyes. She shows it to Natalie who asks if any of it is true. “If that were true, I’d be incarcerated right now,” she tells Natalie. She explains that she absolutely received permission to go on the trip, and the whole story is a lie. But who fed the story to the press? That’s the question. “Whoever is doing this is obviously very malicious and evil,” Alicia says.

Alicia meets with her lawyer to find out whether or not this story is going to cause damage to her case. “Obviously this is going to be a problem,” the lawyer tells her. He tells her that while she may have gotten permission to go to Vegas, the fact that she was partying (we use that term loosely since that trip was hardly a fun time) may look bad in front of the judge. “You’ve got to be more careful,” he tells her. Worst case scenario?

And it only gets worse — the next day, there’s still another story in the paper, this time about Alicia lying about how much money she makes. Clearly someone keeps planting these stories, and someone has it out for her.

The repercussions of Alicia making the papers is not good. The judge wants to see her in court within the week. When the judge wants to see you “before your actual sentencing date,” Drita explains, “it’s just not f—ing good. You’re probably going to jail. This has to be what my dream was about.”
“Somebody is out to get her,” Ang says. Everyone agrees that someone has it in for Alicia, and Alicia herself has a good idea who that is. “I pray to God that I’m wrong, because if I’m right, s—t’s about to go down.”

The girls head to Alicia’s house for an afternoon to offer her support and talk about the craziness that’s been going on. But they have no idea what they’re in for.

The ladies sit at Alicia’s table and she tells them “Its obvious that it’s not just a random reporter trying to dig.” People are evil, she says. “It just seems like somebody is getting inside information. Somebody’s being fed certain bits and pieces.”

“Who would be feeding that information?” Renee asks suspiciously.

“From somewhere in this circle,” Alicia says with a wave of her hand, implicating the three women surrounding her.

“Nobody at this table would ever snitch,” Ang says. “That’s not how we roll.”

Alicia feels like everyone else in her own circle would never talk about her case, so it has to come from this new circle she’s been running with. That, coupled with the fact that Renee heard that there’s evidence on the wire taps that Alicia said she knows everything her husband does gets Alicia riled up, because she doesn’t understand how Renee would hear something off the wire taps.

“Who the f— is she talking to that she’s talking about what’s on my tapes?” Alicia wonders. “Who are you to spread my business?”

For Alicia to imply that Renee’s been meddling in her business….yikes. “There ain’t no coming back from this one,” Renee says.