VH1 Fashions Of The Week: Everyone Looks So Comfortable

  • denise-vasi

    Denise Vasi [Photo: Instagram]

  • emilyb

    Emily B [Photo: Instagram]

  • erica-mena

    Erica Mena [Photo: Instagram]

  • evelyn-lozada

    Evelyn Lozada [Photo: Instagram]

  • lala

    La La [Photo: Instagram]

  • lauren-govan

    Laura Govan [Photo: Instagram]

  • malyasia-pargo

    Malaysia Pargo [Photo: Instagram]

  • mimi-faust

    Mimi Faust [Photo: Instagram]

  • natalie-alicia

    Alicia DiMichelle Garofalo and Natalie Guercio [Photo: Instagram]

  • nicole-murphy

    Nicole Murphy with Robin Leach [Photo: Instagram]

  • nya-lee

    Nya Lee [Photo: Instagram]

  • renee-bigang

    Renee Graziano and Big Ang [Photo: Instagram]

  • renee-hollywoodexes

    Renee Graziano, Sheree Fletcher, Shamicka Lawrence, Andrea Kelly [Photo: Instagram]

  • shay-johnson

    Shay [Photo: Instagram]

  • tahiry

    Tahiry [Photo: Instagram]

  • tami-roman

    Tami Roman [Photo: Instagram]

  • tara

    Tara Wallace [Photo: Instagram]

  • traci-steele

    Traci Steele [Photo: Instagram]

  • yandy

    Yandy [Photo: Instagram]

For a bevy of the stars included in this week’s fashion roundup, the themed seemed to be, “I don’t really feel like going out, but I’m going to make sure I look cute anyway.” It’s winter, so obviously, many of us understand. Besides, so long as you look cute, that’s all that really matters. Of course, others included in this week’s gallery maintained a “I’m about to serve!” mentality. You know, La La Anthony, naturally, plus a few stars from our LA and NYC-based reality shows. Enjoy the variety, and for some of you, your sensible heels and/or snuggly sweaters.