Mob Wives: New Blood Episode 8 Recap: Nobody Likes You, Everybody Hates You

This week on Mob Wives, a showdown brews between Renee and Alicia. But forget all that, Drita’s rap career is back on track!

Drita’s music producer brought her back in the studio to hear a new song he’s producing and he wants her to rap over it. After the success she had making a video with French Montana and contributing a verse to his song “Everything’s A Go,” Drita has proved she’s got talent, and she’s super excited for the new opportunity “Honestly, I will tear this s— up!” she says. And the real kicker is that Method Man wants to perform this new track with her. This is the most awesome Staten Island collaboration ever. EVER! Drita can’t even believe it.

“SHUT UP!” she screams, “Does he know that I’m his biggest fan??” She is ecstatic, Method Man is one of her favorite rappers of all time.

Renee is furious at Alicia for insinuating that there’s a leak among the group, someone who’s feeding the tabloids information about Alicia’s trip to Vegas and her legal case. And that leak is Renee. “The bottom line is this: Nobody, in 44 f—ing years has ever said that to me. You know why? Because I’m no f—ing rat.”

Alicia doesn’t trust Renee though. She explains to Drita that she called Renee out because Renee had been discussing her case among her friends. As a refresher, Renee had said last week that she heard from a friend that Alicia said on the wire tap tapes that she knows everything her husband does. Alicia is pissed off that Renee would even be discussing her case, let alone discussing something Alicia knows to be false. “She lost my trust,” Alicia says. “I don’t know why somebody would take it upon themselves to try to dig up dirt on my wire tap to incriminate me even more.”

“I’m hearing that Renee is talking about me to her friends in Staten Island and that’s how my business is getting leaked to the press,” Alicia continues.

Drita’s torn between both sides, but she explains that “whether Alicia believes it or not or likes it or not, she’s a f—ing mob wife. It ain’t no f—ing joke. Alicia either needs to accept it and live by that code or cut her ties completely.”

Alicia called Renee so they could discuss the situation, and Drita’s like “I mean, I don’t wanna f—ing be there when you meet up with her on this one.”

Drita has a little bit of a block when it comes to writing her sixteen bars for her track with Method Man. “I’m sitting here like a dick and coming up with s—,” she says as she tears away page after page of failed rhymes. “I can’t come at Method Man with anything less than perfection. I gotta rep for Shaolin…this being in love, happy bulls— is making me f—ing soft!”
Natalie is taking a break from girlfriend drama to enjoy a nice dinner with her boyfriend, London. The two have been together for a year and a half, and she’s getting a little antsy about their future. She wants to know where they stand and, more importantly, when he’s going to consider moving to Philly so she can stop living out of suitcases and traveling back and forth to New York, where he lives. “You’re just scared of commitment,” she tells him.

“You’re always busting my balls about this,” London tells her. He’s happy with the way things are and he doesn’t see a need to speed things up.
As if the drama wasn’t enough, Renee gets a letter from Junior and it makes her skin crawl. “Every single uncomfortable feeling rushed to the surface. I’m in complete shock that this letter I get from Junior is this twisted. Like, I would expect for him to say some angry s—, I hate you, I hope you die, I wanna kill you.” But the letter actually says that when he gets out in a year, he wants to “start fresh again” with her. “Is he f—ing nuts?”

When Renee tries to share the letter with AJ, he shuts down and refuses to hear anything about it. He’s done with Renee’s drama with Junior and is choosing to move forward from this, but Renee worries that he shuts down too quickly when it comes to his dad.

Alicia fills Natalie in on what happened between her and Renee, which includes a new development in the form of a nasty tweet. After Alicia invited Renee to lunch to talk things over, Renee took to Twitter to send some subliminal tweets Alicia’s way, writing “Before you point the finger at someone for doing dirt, you should make sure your own back yard is swept clean. The damsel in distress act is old and tired. Ladies need to woman up and take the bull by the horns.”

After she reads the tweets to Natalie, she tells her “I’m f—ing so beyond pissed!”

“She’s got a pair of brass balls, this f—ing b—h,” Natalie says. Both of the Philly women are united on the “we-can’t-trust-Renee” front.

The other woman that Alicia has issues with, aside from Renee, is Carla, who happens to be an old girlfriend of Alicia’s husband, Eddie. Carla’s been a topic of conversation before this season, and Renee meets up with her to tell her about all the Alicia drama, much of it involving her. First, Renee tells Carla that she’s on the wire taps that the Feds have on Eddie. This is no surprise to Carla — she’s actually known about that for a long time. She explains that anyone who’s voice is on a wire tap has to be informed of it, and Renee is shocked to learn this. So then why all the drama, Carla wants to know.

“She doesn’t want Edward to be friends with you,” Renee tells Carla.

“What am I, twelve?” Carla asks. She goes on to explain that her family and Eddie go way back, and they love him. Carla and Renee even go so far as to insinuate that Eddie’s family isn’t so fond of Alicia, and they assume that Alicia thinks that Carla is the leak who’s feeding the press all the details of her life. “Does she think I want something bad to happen to her?” Carla asks. Carla tells Renee that it’s clear that all of Alicia’s issues are with her, not Renee, so if she needs to clear the air, Alicia should call her and leave Renee out of it.

Ang and Drita are so glad that they’re not part of all this drama, but they’re annoyed that Renee took to Twitter to vent about Alicia. Drita calls that particular brand of passive aggression “twatting” because it means you don’t have the balls to say something mean to someone’s face. “I f—ing despise Twitter,” Ang adds.

“Whatever happened to ’Hello!?’ Everybody’s like this: Twitter! Texting! Uh, Instagram! They’re looking at their Facebook. Get the f— out!”

Finally, the showdown has arrived. Renee and Alicia meet up and right off the bat, Renee explains that she is not the leak that Alicia assumes she is. She has not even spoken maliciously about Alicia in any way. But the problem is that she’s speaking about Alicia at all. “If there’s somebody you’re speaking to about my case, that my husband and I aren’t aware about, that’s a red flag for me,” Alicia tells Renee.

Renee defends herself, saying that everyone, not just her, is talking about Alicia’s case. But Renee senses that their issues are deeper than this case, and part of Alicia’s issue is over Carla. “I have every right to f—ing be mad at Carla,” Alicia tells Renee. “I can do whatever the f— I want, that’s my husband.”

Alicia still thinks Renee and Carla are having conversations about her, and Renee does her best to explain that even if she does come up in conversation, it’s not coming from a bad place. “No one is trying to hang you,” Renee tells Alicia. But Renee is still angry that Alicia implied she was the one feeding information to the papers, and she explains to Alicia that being a rat is the worst insult in the world, in her family and in this life.

“Renee, I did not call you a rat,” Alicia explains.

“All these people that we know that are in the same circle, nobody likes her. She’s a bitch. She likes to point fingers. She thinks she’s above the f—ing rest. This bitch is out of her motherf—ing mind,” Renee says.

They spar even more about Renee’s tweets, about rumors that Renee’s been discussing Alicia’s alleged boyfriend, and about Eddie’s infidelity and it gets heated enough that all the steaks in the restaurant are well done by now.

“Bring it, Renee!” Alicia screams.

“When you cross the next line, I will bring it.”